From Jess Bachman and, comes this California round up of ballot initiatives.

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Ballot Prop Round-up: California

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9 Responses to “California Ballot Proposition Round-up”

  1. overanout says:

    This was once a solid Republican state which should be a red flag to the national party leadership as to the path the party is traveling. Aligning itself with old Southern Democrats looks more like a anchor around its neck as the nations youth and women have little interest in continuing the civil war or cutting off funding for education and social services to our multi racial society.

  2. icantdance says:

    very surprising death penalty the survived

  3. DrungoHazewood says:

    cutting off funding for education and social services

    And the bankers have little interest in not stealing. As Lincoln said about Simon Cameron “the only thing he wouldn’t steal is a red hot stove”. So as soon as the reelection glow wears off, people will realize that we still have major problems that the dems have actually facilitated. Sorry to harsh your buzz.

  4. mathman says:

    i don’t care who you voted for, it won’t matter as climate change ruins everyone’s life on the planet. Enjoy the time you have left, ’cause it’s gonna start to suck BIG TIME, and soon.

  5. ToNYC says:

    Calling Prop 30 Jerry Brown’s tax increase and Prop 38 and MM’s? tax increase for education is a misleading. Prop 30 earmarked and lock-boxed the tax for education, Prop 38 is here claimed for education but actually commingles the tax with general funding purposes. Talk about scope creep! The only thing that failed more was sex trafficking leniency; and it was an OCO order.
    Death Penalty speaks volumes how the Middle Ages refuses to crawl back in the history, but the tragedy was monsatan’s blatant obfuscation conflating the meat and dairy lobby exemptions as “confusing” rather than essentially “political reality” in Prop 37. Romneyfood gets a new lease and free pass on forcible rape on DNA. Dynamiting gene insertion for corporate profit will never get a Boy Scout a merit badge. All in all, a great night in golden state for now.

  6. formerlawyer says:

    California also gave the Democratic Party super-majorities in both houses of the legislature that lets the government get around Prop 13. Given the financial crisis – how soon will you see tax-hikes to rase revenue? What form will it take?

  7. debrabradley says:

    “Lock boxed and ear marked for education”. Haha. OK. Would that be the same as cash goes to classroom? Or to top off under funded pensions?

    There’s something lopsided about increasing taxes on people who have 401Ks and giving it to people with defined benefit plans. Scratch that – defined benefits. Californians understand there’s very little planning involved here. :-o

  8. ToNYC says:

    “Lock boxed and ear marked for education”. Haha. OK. Would that be the same as cash goes to classroom? Or to top off under funded pensions?
    If you want the truth and all you have are words to represent, you are free to pass and enjoy the Haha nihilism with all your friends in that dark closet.

  9. ZedLoch says:

    I think the big takeaway from this election is that money does not guarantee victory. e.g. Karl Rove’s $100,000,000 Epic Fail