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Coffee Revolutionized the World

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5 Responses to “How Coffee Revolutionized the World”

  1. on the Tangent..

    re: SBUX, they owe their, current, existence, to “CrackieD’s” (MCD) oversight/neglect of the ‘Coffee’ they were serving..

    ‘McCafe” while, now, a ‘nice Idea’, was ~25 years, too, Late..

  2. diogeron says:

    Well, I’m as much of a tea guy as a coffee guy, but having said that, for a great novel of historical fiction, I can recommend “the Coffee Traders” by David Liss.

  3. Greg0658 says:

    coffee 2nd most traded .. ding ding ding .. 1st is oil ? food product is sugar? or maybe its corn?
    no peeking – just guess’g
    I liked the book “6 drinks that changed the world” .. a fun read .. coffee was 1 of them – not 1st tho – that be beeeer

  4. Greg0658 says:

    doh – its history via ‘glasses’ not drinks – but same same :-) yeah – so much for sharper brain on coffee

  5. Francois says:

    Well people, enjoy your coffee while you can because climate change is about to kill the Arabica strain of natural coffee, the backbone of the industry.

    Starbucks CEO already warned of that, but, as usual, the politically retarded are too busy rah-rahing “USA! USA!” to pay attention to reality 101.

    Oh well! T’was delicious while it was available.