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I dont think Mr. Market cares who wins, he will simply be relived that the longest campaign in US history will be over.

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6 Responses to “Election Day Futures Pointing Higher”

  1. denim says:

    Nate Silver has the random pop vote at about 50.9% Obama and 48.3% Romney so that translates into 50.9% of random pro Obama investors would expect an up tick and 48.3% of random pro Romney investors would expect an up tick. Maybe would affect someones HFT algorithm a bit this morning?

  2. Orange14 says:

    You forgot to add the most expensive! Think about all this money that has been spent in an attempt to sway voters in only 6-8 states. What a waste. I’ve talked with my brother in California and there are virtually no ads for either Obama or Romney running and I expect that in Texas, the next biggest state, the same holds. Sheldon Adelson alone has spent maybe $100M in support of Gingrich and Romney and deserves to see a ZERO return on his investment since he profited so much during Obama’s first term. Schadenfreude indeed!

  3. jeffers5 says:

    I too believe that the outcome of this election will not have a material effect on the market.

    However, I do believe the market expects an outcome, one way or the other.

    Unfortunately, we shouldn’t discount the likelihood that automatic recounts will be triggered by razor thin election margins in swing states. It’s very possible that this isn’t decided until December.

    So let’s hope that we have a winner declared by morning. If not, imagine the hand-wringing over uncertainty. Then imagine the legislative paralysis in the face of the fiscal cliff. Now imagine a reprise of the 2000 election, but with more money fueling the chicanery. I don’t see that as a positive environment for equities.

  4. Greg0658 says:

    since this is an odd BR travel day and there’s not a ‘what are your reading’ thread:
    (from the bar stool with the radio on and CNBC widescreen version – we don’t get that round here)
    “Putin fires defense minister”
    “Budweiser tells “Flight” to remove logos from film” .. thank gooddy for digital prints – (can you imagine ! like – what – 20 frames/sec of 6 guys drink’g bud at a table X1000 domestic prints)

  5. Greg0658 says:

    huh – you know me – pile it on – we can take it in TBP
    “Brit with spy links killed in China”
    wait theres more from the ME … stop – thats enough already