This is a weird little Amazon glitch (or maybe its not — I don’t know)

Entourage: The Complete Series is normally $250, on sale for $110 –

–18 discs, 2640 minutes

We can talk about how great the show is, a boys club, very funny, inside Hollywood, blahblahblah — but what I found intriguing was that Amazon kinda hid the sale price: You have to know where to click to get that price!

Its the lower right part of he screen, under the blue buying box: $110, free shipping!




BTW, the Blu-Ray version is $140:



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2 Responses to “Entourage: The Complete Series $110”

  1. supine says:

    Actually, Amazon pulls this stunt on a regular basis, showing you the offer that is not necessarily the best price or value (e.g. inc of shipping), nor seemingly showing any preference for their own offer.

    Always double check the line: “X new from $Y $A used from $B” and click through to see all the offers for that particular product.

  2. ironman says:

    supine is right, although we should note that Amazon itself may only be one of the retailers among the options that will be listed (if you look closely in BR’s screen shot, Amazon isn’t even the vendor for this particular boxset!) That’s something to consider as we get closer to the holiday, when the time for shipping what you order might become a pretty big factor in your buying decisions.

    What I really found interesting in BR’s screen shot is how little Amazon thinks the disk set is really worth – they’re offering to buy the set from you for just a 10 cent gift card! In the age of streaming, what’s the real value of all that plastic and cardboard?…