Treasuries’ Foreign Buying Doubles China’s $123 Billion Cut

Source: Treasury data, Bloomberg


Bloomberg Briefs notes that “Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland, Brazil, Taiwan and Hong Kong boosted their holdings of U.S. government securities by a collective $264.8 billion since the last debt ceiling debate ended in August 2011.”

These purchases “more than made up for the decline in Treasuries owned by China,” down $123 billion to $1.156 trillion.

One note about the chart above — I don’t see Japan, who is a huge holder as well of US treasuries.



Treasuries’ Foreign Buying Doubles China’s $123 Billion Cut
Daniel Kruger & Niraj Shah
Bloomberg Briefs, November 19, 2012

Category: Credit, Fixed Income/Interest Rates

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10 Responses to “Foreign Holders of US Treasuries”

  1. Conan says:

    This says as of Sept ’12 Japan had 1130.7 Billion . They were number 2 behind China.

    Also interesting is “OIL Exporters” at 267.0 Billion and they were #3 on the list.

    Also note worthy ” Caribbean Banking Centers” 240.4 Billion & #5 right behind Brazil

  2. Frilton Miedman says:

    Interesting, Saudi is supposedly one of the biggest T holders, yet no one knows what they own.

  3. Conan says:

    If I’m reading this right the Federal Reserve has 1,650.8 Billion in Treasuries???

    That would make them bigger than China>>>>Is this from all the QE???

  4. Silversem says:

    Al that QE must destroy the dollar sometime in the near future. Then al the treasuries become worthles.
    I rather stick to trading CFD´s. That is more safe than holding treasuries.

  5. NoKidding says:

    With post tsunami Japan running net trade deficits instead of trade surplusses, one would expect their recent purchases to be low.

    However showing recent purchases during an arbitrary recent time span without making it super obvious is obnoxious. Must reference it to net holdings where the order last I checked was:
    1) US Gov
    2) Japan
    3) China
    4) Britain
    5) Sum of the oil exporters

  6. philipat says:

    Japan. Yes, that’s what I thought as I looked at the Chart. Obviously included in “Others” but that seems very strange, especially if the point is to illustrate major holders, and changes to major holders, of Treasuries. Especially now that Japan has become the number one holder again.
    Could this be Treasury propoganda to illustrate that China’s reduced purchases (In favour of Gold, incidentally) is being “Easily” offset by purchases from amny other smaller countries. So, don’t worry…??

  7. drtomaso says:

    Also note these are “foreign” holders- I believe I read someplace that the single biggest holder was US citizens, through pension, insurance and mutual funds. Someone with more time on their hands can look this up.

  8. ricecake says:

    Who are these “Others?”

    How much is Japan”s and S. Korea’s, GB’s?

  9. boveri says:

    Never before seen a chart in which over 50% of the substance is a blank.