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One Response to “Google Crisis Map: Power, Gas, Damage from Sandy Damage”

  1. rj chicago says:

    Can someone out there in the ‘sphere’ help me understand why it was that google a couple of years back showed a similar ‘crisis’ map for foreclosure properties and then was taken down? It was a very useful tool at the time.
    Living in the far west burbs of Chicago ILL_ANNOY – my wife and I were aghast at the number of properties in our area that were either in REO process or fully foreclosed. I liked to keep track on the google map – it was part of their ‘real estate’ tab and one day I went to look and it was gone – literally taken down in a matter of days.
    This ironically happened not a few days after Obama had is ‘estate’ dinner with the likes of Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg and other characters in Silicon Valley. I recall a wise man once told me there are no accidents and this was one more victim of such ‘accidents’ IMHO.
    Any response to this would be great.
    Thanks in advance.