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2 Responses to “Steve Jobs Was Wrong About Apple’s iPad Mini”

  1. Savage1701 says:

    Mr. Ritholtz, please don’t sully yourself or your site’s good name by posting anything by Mr. Blodget.

    Many of us have not forgotten the hijinks that got this guy a ban from the industry, a $2 million dollar fine, and a $2 million dollar disgorgement. Furthermore, his current analysis consists primarily of using a lot of words to say nothing, hedging any opinion he may have on a stock or its potential price action, goofy incognito broadcasting, and Monday-morning quarterbacking such as this. Given that the iPod Mini has only been out for less than a month, it’s also probably a bit early to decide how its presence will impact sales and profit margins of 7″ and 10″ tablets and the companies that sell them.

    Whether one cared for the late Mr. Jobs or not, one thing is for certain: Mr. Jobs made billions upon billions of dollars in the form of better calls than this guy ever did or will. That’s a fact that is undeniable.

    I respectfully submit you would provide your readers with more pragmatic content if you post your local weather report in place of anything Mr. Blodget reports on.


    BR: I think Blodgett was made the fall guy for Merrill’s bad actions. If you read what he actually said, he was trying to get Merrill to downgrade those stocks.

    I am VERY pro-proesecution, but I think this was not Spitizer’s best collar.

  2. hawks5999 says:

    Bookmarking this. In 3 quarters it will be instructive to come back and see how wrong Blodget is. If we are comparing records on being wrong… I’ll go with Steve Jobs over Blodget any day.