Karl Rove disputes Fox News’ Ohio electoral math, Megyn Kelly goes for a stroll, and Bill O’Reilly pronounces the election a victory for people who want stuff.

“Or as we call it, Arithmatic”

Post Democalypse 2012 – America Takes a Shower – Karl Rove’s Math

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3 Responses to “Karl Rove’s Math”

  1. Deflator Mouse says:

    Obviously, Sheldon Adelson does not “want stuff,” so he pissed away $100M.

  2. irondoor says:

    It was the “gound game”, stupid, and Axelrod had one.

  3. Mattw says:

    Apparently, Nate Silver’s math sucked too. He got the odds all wrong. Yes, he picked the winners correctly, but his odds were too low.

    The original article seems to be missing at the moment, but my blog has an excerpt plus explanation as to why Nate was wrong. In short, Nate assumed people decide things independently, but that is not true. He used the wrong distribution in his calculations.