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I am not sure how up-to-date these are, but Bloomberg is showing futures down 174


Duh, these are from Friday. I need some sleep and a hot shower

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14 Responses to “Look Out Below: Futures Are Hugely Negative, Down 174

  1. Sentinel says:

    Isn’t that simply where we left off Friday? The datestamp on Bloomberg is 11/2. See also:

  2. DrungoHazewood says:

    Just where we left off when they closed Fri. The futs will open at 5pm with base as Fri close.

  3. DrungoHazewood says:

    That’s 5pm central. Stressful week for everyone, but especially you guys in the NE.

  4. wrongtrade says:

    pricing in an Obama victory after 1) every Yahoo! and Google story for the last 72h has jizzed over the Chosen One, and 2) Obama preening with Gov Christie has halted Rmoney momentum with conservatives.
    It will be interesting to see in the retrospective debrief how these various polls play out. One side or the other is delusional.

  5. wrongtrade says:

    Independents, not conservatives.

  6. lalaland says:

    Futures aren’t posted on Bloomberg until 6pm eastern time, if I remember right

  7. Jack Damn says:

    As others have mentioned above, those are where we left off last Friday. Here’s an hourly chart of the DOW futures from 11/02/2012:


    Note the date in the red box.

    Also, the hourly over at


    Hope that helps.

  8. jacobsk says:

    I trade futures on thinkorswim. Futures on stock indexes always open at 5pm central and my trading week starts then. Currency pairs starts trading at 4pm central. depending on where eur/usd opens you can tell if index futures are going to open up or down at 5pm

  9. Rightline says:

    Yet another reason BR has my respect and loyalty. All news sources and nearly any other blogger would have simply taken the post down. Instead, we experience another human Big Picture moment.

  10. Yeah, I’m kinda out of sorts — I feel like a blogging refugee

  11. bobmitchell says:

    Early reports marginally lower.

    In general, a great place to look for up to the minute data. Great place to look for “explanations” for tape bombs. Jamie Coleman has done a great job building the site out, and has people posting almost 24/7. It slows down on the weekends, but they start early, and stay late.

  12. HarryWanger says:

    bobmitchell – Another great site for World Economic Calendar and Futures, etc.

  13. boveri says:

    At 8:24pm EST S&P Futures are up 1.75. Too what extent can you count on that being indicative of tomorrow?
    In no way whatsoever.

  14. boveri says:

    It is now 9:00 pm and S&P futures are up 3.74. Is that a virtual guarantee that the S&P will open up 3.75 points tomorrow morning? No, it’s not.