Last August, I picked up this little beauty for about $45 in Maine on the way to a fishing trip: Nebo 5615 RedLine SE Flashlight.

While I have lots of cheapo LED flashlights, along with a giant MagLite (that can be used to slaughter cattle), the RedLine was the lifesaver for us this blackout. Bright 250 lumens, reliable, solid, and pretty bullet proof despite multiple droppings. The glow in the dark end cap made it easier to find in the blackness. You can stand it on its bottom, blast the ceiling and it illuminates and entire room.

I was absolutely thrilled with it, and I just ordered another for the next emergency. Amazon has it on sale for $29.

For those  of you who want an even badder-ass tactical flashlight, they make a 310 Lumens beastie –   the $39 Nebo 5620 Redline Select Flashlight.  (Yeah, I ordered that as well).

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