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Source: Where Does Your Nation Rank on Wellbeing?
Nathan Gamester
Harvard Business Review 12:00 PM October 30, 2012

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Category: Data Analysis

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10 Responses to “Where Does Your Nation Rank on Wellbeing?”

  1. PTRio says:

    If your nation is Brazil, I guess the answer is “I don’t know”.

  2. FierraTiempo says:

    Brazil? Argentina? A partial South American oversight (Columbia & Venezuela made the cut)?

  3. rekesk says:

    They left out Burma as well.

  4. James Cameron says:

    > Brazil? Argentina? A partial South American oversight (Columbia & Venezuela made the cut)?


  5. Bam_Man says:

    We are 49th (and dropping fast) in life expectancy and infant mortality, but we get a “thumbs up”? WTF?
    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  6. ami_in_deutschland says:

    Why are there so many information designers out there who don’t know CRAP about information design? This is truly awful!

  7. Lyle says:

    Note if you go to the web site referred to you can get a map and click on the country in question. you get a world map. Brazil comes out 44, Chile 34, Argentina 41. Note Norway is #1, Denmark #2 and Sweden #3. Canada comes out #6 and the US #12 and the UK 13.

  8. ami_in_deutschland says:


    Thanks for the suggestion! There the data has been much more clearly presented.

  9. jessica says:

    Can anyone explain why Ireland is ranked #10 even though I keep on reading how hard the Euro crisis is hitting there?

  10. Tim says:


    Luck of the Irish.