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One Response to “Naval Ravikant: How I Changed The Jobs Act”

  1. romerjt says:

    Watched the Naval Ravikant video, stuck by the part of getting the petition as a Word doc which they ignored and did it using Twitter and blew them away. . . read this right after seeing (CBS this Morning) how Twitter and other online stuff is being used to share the current Hamas / Israeli conflict in real time, after learning how Obama won using one giant database and social media to turn out the vote. Is all of this a signal for a unimagined social media future????

    And then this . . . “Apr 23, 2012 – After four decades that brought 12 million current immigrants — more than half of whom came illegally — the net migration flow from Mexico to the United States has stopped and may have reversed.” Pew Research . . . What fence?

    And this, “The Department of Energy recently reported that the United States now stands as a net exporter of refined gasoline, diesel and other fuels for the first time since 1949. Daily shipments of petroleum products abroad now exceed net imports by 439,000 barrels per day according to the Energy Department’s monthly report. This shift towards net fuel exporting was likely motivated by U.S. refiners’ notable increase in fuel production in tandem with America’s waning monthly consumption.”

    What the hell is going on?