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5 Responses to “Trailer: Post-Election Economy”

  1. Greg0658 says:

    Pres Obama pulled a pen out of his pocket in todays 1clock new conf. and says he will sign the 250K below earner tax cut and says something like 97% will see future spending money for it

    now if we could attach a string of no flyaway Egypt pyramid tours with that savings – its all positive :-) .. oh wait steak, lobster, wine & beer will go up – dang it

  2. techy says:

    Greg: Whats wrong with that?

    How can all the income/wealth growth going to .5% of the population be thought as a fair system, when 50% of the population are barely scraping by?

  3. Greg0658 says:

    techy I just read your neg#1 comment 1 thread up .. we are of same mind sorta (i think)
    that 355p up there was a rant (out an open moving car window) – not much meat & veg

    1st – I thought Spkr Boehner’s comments today were positive on growth for America – I think it was him that brought up the babyboomers and this is just year 2 (maybe not – I saw so many talking heads today)

    2nd – that Obie pen comment above – I should have added that the other part of that sentence was he’d sign that portion while the rest of the budget gets worked out – so the 97% would know where their life next year is going – ie hense don’t hold everyone hostage – let the uppers hang on the cliff for a bit

    as for my spin above … I’m in the mindset that this election was bought and paid for by all of us – thru the products & services that we buy -ie hense Dem laborers paid for both L&R
    -ie ‘future spending’ will be captured by the top 3% again

    .. that jab about the ME desert 7 wonder – I’m of the mindset that money floats and does NOT evaporate until it exits the game board – and is a request to tour America with your tax cut .. let Boeing jets and airline seats be bought with US corporations checking on their korean & chinese labor forces
    .. that jab about food and spirts – was this fact > cash in the masses hands will drive up prices on things everyone desires and that is just the way this OpSys works .. hense :-| stymied

  4. theexpertisin says:

    Santa Claus politics.

    It does win elections.

  5. ilsm says:

    Why not just read the suppressed CRS study, reaganomics voodoo has not worked.

    Let the sequestration happen and tax cuts expire.

    Note military industry complex sequestration should be tripled to 35% of current non contingency spending, sequestration is not dastardly, it is too small by 200%.