Staying at my brothers while our power is out — he had power restored a few days ago.

Just now, the power went out. These are the last vestiges of iPad until the cell towers batteries die.

Hopefully, be back soon.

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6 Responses to “Power Down”

  1. Rightline says:

    There may be hope for you as far as cell service goes. In Jersey City Verizon had generator backups on the towers. Reduced reliability but functional. ATT and Sprint had battery backup only and were useless. Stay strong.

  2. VennData says:

    The Free Press needs energy, as much as energetic thinkers.

    We need to continue to diversify away from carbon-based energy, develop batteries, and educate people about crisis behavior and planning.

  3. NoKidding says:

    Speaking of iPads, WTF is happening to AAPL?! The chart scale required to make it look like a ski slope keeps getting longer.

    No Jobs, management shakeup, bad maps, meh reviews of the mini…negative effects kicked in fast.

  4. constantnormal says:

    @NoKidding … more likely, AAPL’s slide has more to do with collecting capital gains this year, coupled with the ginormous number of accounts/funds that own some AAPL, and a handful of hedge fund managers trying to talk it down (for a variety of reasons).

    What should be a greater concern is that Foxconn is having difficulty manufacturing the iPhone 5 in quantities that both meet the quality specs and sales demand. That has a potential real bottom line impact, all that other stuff, only serves to give the stock an even lower PE but has minimal impact on the revenue and profits … which over the long haul will drive the price of the stock … they still have a product pipeline, Steve Jobs, despite Jeff Gundlach’s assertions, did not single-handedly create every product Apple produced, new stuff was brought to market while he was ill, and has been initiated since his passing, I’m sure. They are spending a lot more on R&D than they used to, and are also ramping up production capacity and software infrastructure to support various software technologies (iCloud, Siri, iTunes, various stores).

    Reports that Apple died along with Steve Jobs are greatly exaggerated.
    No denying that this year has seen more stumbles than previously, tho’ … thankfully, none have been translated to the bottom line thus far.

    As to whether it is better to take profits this year than in future years, that is a matter for each person’s individual situation. If you have it in Roth IRAs, then it’s a question of trying to capture the swings between peaks and valleys, as tax consequences do not enter into the equation … some will eagerly plunge into trying to pick short-term highs and lows, others will watch for more fundamental signals to get out of a stock. But if the AAPL shares are in a taxable account, then the time to sell was back at 700. I doubt that AAPL will see Gundlach’s 425 target, as that would put it well into single-digit PE territory (it’s pretty much already there if one discounts the internal cash), but in the context of a major market meltdown, it could happen. But I gotta believe that a lotta other stocks will make an AAPL decline to 425 look desirable, as a major market meltdown would likely take a lot of them to single-digit PEs as well, and they are currently valued a lot higher than AAPL.

    But it’s a difference of opinion that makes markets … and horse races.

  5. ToNYC says:

    James Dines in the late 1970s said Gold and the INDU price would cross. He was right in mid January, 1980 as I remember. That’s an equal sign in math; by Dines math license I can see GOOG = 2 AAPL. I can wait and play the spread ’till then since mid-Sept working from flat.