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11 Responses to “Creating Shareholder Value”

  1. VennData says:

    Did I talk to the chair six times? or was it only five? So ask yourself, climate-change denier, do you feel lucky? Well do ya’?

    – Spaghetti Westerner, Clint Eastwood (Box-office muscle throb)

  2. Glen says:

    Nice! Where did this come from? The New Yorker?

  3. David Merkel says:

    Possible, but not likely.

  4. albnyc says:

    Let ‘em eat Yodels!

  5. rd says:

    Inaccurate cartoon. It is unlikely that the kids would have been able to cough up the payment to be able to sit at the fire with him.

  6. MidlifeNocrisis says:

    He’s the only one with a coat on.

    (ok, I know it’s not really a coat, but you get the idea)

  7. Glen says:

    OK, did I miss “Source: New Yorker” ? Or am I just going mental?

    And lets not assume it’s global warming, we’re staring at a series of knock-out punches, all being ignored by the “elite”. That’s the beauty of it, we can have the global economy melt down while our MOTUs go on an austerity kick so they are not financially impacted by their own f^&k ups, all while the real world goes to $hit.

    Hey, you can’t take it with you so it’s best to get it all now, and leave a smoking hole in the ground after you go.

  8. JimRino says:

    Any real look at the Bain business model would tell you that shareholders did not receive any “value”.
    A lot of value was created for CEO’s, everyone else got screwed.
    Just like the Twinkie story, 6 CEO’s made Millions and walked away. Shareholders and employees took a beat-down.

  9. philipat says:


    In a “Private Equity” Company, the shareholders ARE the Mangers. If your point is that, “Private Equity” is a sanitised name for what it really is, and used to be known as, “Asset stripping”, then no problem.

    Beyond that, I think this cartoon is a very subtle and clever comment on Business and Society. The short-term perspective on “Shareholder Value” and the the self-interest of Management are pictured nicely in the cartoon outcome.

    Unfortunately, there is no way back until we all, Leming-like, fall over the cliff??


    BR: A “Private Equity” company the shareholders ARE the Mangers? Where did you get that nonsensical statement from ?

  10. Francois says:

    rd, Payment does not have to be in fiat cash. Blood is a catastrophe currency too.

  11. philipat says:


    Yes I stand corrected, although Bain is not a good example where Mittens was both CEO AND a substantial equity partner. What I actually meant to say was that private equity investors in general are sophidsticated investors who know what they are getting into so there is less of a case than against mainstream Companies where widows, orphans and 401K’s are the shareholders. At least, used to be until recently.