Stock picking is true for even us Global Macro types.

Past may not be prologue as the WSJ article from where the chart is sourced argues,  but this is one incredible 10-year outperformance.

Microsoft for the past decade also has paled in comparison as an investment. Someone who invested $10,000 in Microsoft stock 10 years ago and reinvested the dividends would have about $13,000 today, according to FactSet. The equivalent figure for Apple would be $700,000.

- Wall Street Journal

Hat tip to the great Jason Zweig via Twitter!


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3 Responses to “Stock Picking Matters: Apple v Microsoft”

  1. boogabooga1114 says:

    Be interesting to run that chart against the companies’ respective profits over the same decade.

  2. victor says:

    Conclusion: buy MSFT, sell AAPL

  3. what victor says. It really comes down to whether MS can grow post-DOJ. Can they integrate across all their channels…in a way that it’s so seamless and easy for consumers? If not…if it’s too BSOD-y…then Apple will head towards the sky..700–800…1000…and MS shares won’t even break 30.