Some pretty insane photos from around the web showing impact of Sandy on Long Island:


Superstorm Sandy washed some boats onto front yards in Woodsburgh, on Nassau’s South Shore. Photo Credit: Sender Schwartz


U.S. Coast Guard shows areas of Long Island damaged by Superstorm Sandy Photo Credit: Getty Images


A street in Long Beach covered in beach sand caused by flooding from the Superstorm Sandy. Photo Credit: Getty Images



More photos after the jump:

Boats on the LIRR’s Long Beach branch near the bridge at Reynolds Channel in Island Park/Long Beach. Photo Credit: MTA

Five large trees fell one after another across the road on Dorothy Lane in Kings Park. Photo Credit: Heather Walsh

Flood waters swamp houses and businesses along Fire Island Avenue in Babylon Village. Photo Credit: Jessica Rotkiewicz

Parked cars on Candee Avenue in Sayville are still swamped with water. Photo Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

A gas explosion leveled a house Monday night on Kenwood Road in Garden City. Photo Credit: Nina Ruggiero

Houses under water down Shore Road in Lindenhurst. Photo Credit: James Carbone

The canopy roof of a BP gas station along Route 112 in Medford collapsed Photo Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara


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8 Responses to “Sandy’s Destruction of Long Island in Photos”

  1. Jojo says:

    November 2, 2012
    Hurricane Sandy: Recovery

    Hurricane Sandy battered the mid-Atlantic region with powerful gusts and storm surges that cause epic flooding in the coastal communities of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, knocking down trees and power lines and leaving more than eight million people – including large parts of Manhattan – in the rain-soaked dark. The mammoth storm packed maximum sustained winds of 80 mph. Those powerful winds, driving rain and storm surge are blamed for 98 deaths in the United States (although numbers still vary), including two small boys who were swept out of their mother’s arms. The toll of the storm is staggering, including a rampaging fire that reduced more than 100 houses to ash in Breezy Point, Queens. New Jersey took the brunt, officials estimating that the state suffered many billions of dollars in property damage. Residents began the long, slow process of recovery. – Paula Nelson ( 46 photos total)

  2. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Jojo– you likely meant well, but I believe BR had The Big Picture territory before The Boston Globe came along. I don’t think BR was too pleased, though he’s probably enough of a good guy to leave the link up and allow for them to get traffic via his site eventhough The Boston Globe wasn’t polite enough to find another name to use for their purposes.

  3. eliz says:

    Thanks for the photos. Painful. Sad. But good for us in other locales to see what others are dealing with. It is going to take a long time to fully recover from that level of destruction.

  4. VennData says:

    Get out there and complain. If you see a camera, Start screaming. That’s what they did to us in New Orleans, now it’s our turn. I already texted our gardeners – we’re in La Jolla – to go find the Metro news team and start sobbing in Mexican.

    – Jack Welch

  5. MikeNY says:

    LMAO Venn… wouldn’t be surprised if the doddering old coot tweeted that…

  6. Greg0658 says:

    jojo so go’s round comes round .. your story – WGNtv aired an ambush of an anti good samaritan – of a guy that was called to help – by that woman .. I had to turn off the tv for the hour and beyond – sorry commercial ad buyers .. we/some believe they took a quick jump to heaven … I don’t’na know – I almost can’t hit submit and regurg this .. get it tho

  7. Greg0658 says:

    tho to counter that when it becomes available see Charlie Rose taping last nite .. 1st responders at NYC hospital saving 20 preemies
    can’t get a CR or cbs link to show

  8. mathman says:

    This storm was 1000 miles wide, so while many of us were flooded, some to the south were blanketed in feet of snow! The winds did a ton of damage too (as shown above and at many other sites on-line) and a lot of people lost electrical power. Now we’re starting to see the after-effects of gas and fuel oil shortages, toxic water, looting and other desperate actions, and how difficult and long clean-up operations will be.

    Meanwhile both parties and many here continue to deny that human induced climate change is having any effect on the planet. So i expect it will only get worse in coming months and years. If our politicians cut all the social programs to keep the military budget up and so that corporations and the filthy rich don’t have to pay taxes, where will the help come from in the future?

    Hang in there everyone. Help where and when you can and hopefully the favor will be reciprocated when it’s your turn to suffer.