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2 Responses to “The History of Film”

  1. nnjg01 says:

    Did you see the financial crises history they have based on Reinhart and Rogoff?

  2. Aussi says:

    What good is a “History of Film” that starts 4 years after the world’s first feature film was produced in 1906? I’m an investor who also puts money into young film makers’ projects and thought this would be a good gift – until I checked. A feature film is a film with a full-length running time, not a series. According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, American Film Institute and British Film Institute, a feature film runs for 40 minutes or longer. The 70 minute, ” The Story of the Kelly Gang” was the world’s first feature film based on length, and was released in Australia in 1906. The first European feature was the 90-minute film “L’Enfant Prodigue” (France, 1907), although that was an unmodified record of a stage play. Europe’s first feature adapted directly for the screen was “Les Misérables” from France in 1909.