If today’s secessionists wrote their own Declaration of Independence.

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5 Responses to “The Secessionist Declaration of Independence”

  1. Frilton Miedman says:

    I almost peed myself.

    Maybe passing around this type of humor can get that group to go back to hangar 18 government conspiracies and Elvis sightings.

  2. bamage says:

    This Declaration is really funny, but holy crap your “Comments” instructions are just frickin hilarious. I mean, classic. I’d ask permission to steal if I had a comments section of my own…


    BR: That was a little social engineering I did to try to moderate some behavior

  3. me says:

    There is a little hope in this insanity. Here in Georgia, Dr. Tom NO Price, the tea party guy that gets all his money from health care firms and then votes to deny people care like get the government out of Medicare totally, wanted to move up to number 4 in the house leadership. Boehner offered him a token spot not to run. He ran and lost. He will now run against Saxby Chambliss for senate. Chambliss only voted against Bush one time on agricultural supports.

    Tom Graves in Georgia stiffed the tax payers for 2 million on a loan and put a bank out of business. His excuse was the bank should have known he couldn’t afford pay it back. He ran to move up to number 5 in the house leadership. He was defeated.

    Chip Rogers was the state senate majority leader. His embarrassing tea party ass got body slammed by the state republicans who did not want to be embarrassed anymore. He was also basically a crook who had the “reelect incumbents fund. He has led such stupidity as secession, not abiding by federal law for health care and the latest scam with Dick Morris and Fox about some UN crap. Not sure how that applies to the state. He is also in line to be the head of ALEC. He is so wacky he went on Fox and they made him look like a fool over secession.

    Maybe the grownups are finally starting to exert some leadership over these goofy tea partiers that are ruining the party. I love it.

  4. PeterR says:

    Great stuff!


  5. victor says:

    I predict ACLU will one day come to the defense of all these ¨white guy¨, a minority abused by selfrighteous intelectual socialists.