Based on his appointments in the economic arena (Summers, Geithner, Bowles, etc.) I could not vote for Obama. However, I could not in good conscience vote for Romney.

Rachel Maddow does a good job summing up the election results, and also helps to explain why I could not vote GOP:


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8 Responses to “Why At Least Two Functional Parties Are Required”

  1. stevesliva says:

    If you lived in a swing state, though?

    My own thought is that the Supreme Court decided this one, just like 2000. Romney and the unskewed polls guys expected low democrat turnout, and they might have been right if Obamacare didn’t make it.

  2. ZenRazor says:

    Great thinking! When will the first functional party arise?

  3. peachin says:

    Excellent Rachel for cutting through all the shit!

  4. wrongtrade says:

    OK, Barry, I hear you. It is a painful loss for a 1%er with conservative political values like me. I am most definitely NOT thrilled with the Republicans as they have increasingly allied themselves with radical right wing elements who can say very ridiculous and embarrassing things. But if values voters are crazy Bible thumping evolution deniers and conservative Tea Party members wanting to restore the principles of our Constitution and the Articles of Federation are racist, environment trashing climate change skeptics, then let’s at least recognize the extent to which the Dem’s celebration should be tempered by realizing what they are. They are nothing to be proud of. Dems are a cobbled together band of limousine liberals, Hispanics voting for a Federal government that will flagrantly leave immigration laws unenforced, blacks voting for Obama first and foremost for his skin color, homosexuals, college students who mean well but honestly are so ignorant and superficial that they couldnt find their butt with both hands, potheads (why else was an initiative known to be illegal under Federal law on the ballot in a swing state)- the list goes on.
    The founding fathers of this country were visionary , revolutionary intellectuals who risked their lives and fortunes to start what used to be a great country. Now, all our politicians lie, pander and manipulate at the altar of special interests. They are in the business of managing consequences hence all the can-kicking. What ever happened to doing the right thing and letting the chips fall where they may. Lots if people reading this blog are undoubtedly very successful individuals, and can you really tell me that long term success and getting out of our current malaise looks anythjng like the Democrat party? If continue being managed by these politicians, and if Americans keep voting for the person they “like” for utterly random reasons how will we ever turn the ship around.

  5. bmz says:

    When one party represents only 1% of the population, it has to sell a alternative reality to the electorate. And when that party has almost unlimited financial resources as well as its own news network, it can sell an alternative reality, where the other party is evil incarnate and a threat to everything pure, good, godly and American, to a large percentage of the population (fortunately not 50%–THIS TIME).

  6. jbegan says:

    For many years, when i asked why we even have parties, I’d be told that we have ‘the most efficient election system in the world’, as the 2 party system allow a consensus to build and the parties provide finances to get the message out. I’d like to take all those people that passed that pearl of wisdom to me and ‘bitch slap’ them up against the side of their collective heads. I now lean towards my original childhood thinking, as espoused by none other than Google co-founder Sergei Brin recently: Do away with parties, let every man/woman run on their own experience and beliefs. A man can dream…. I must be going through a second childhood.

  7. romerjt says:

    Could the bubble exist without Fox News, with only right-wing talk radio and the internet? I doubt it. Let’s see if Megan Kelly’s question to Karl Rove goes anywhere, “Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?” Profits and stock price vs “thruthiness” . . I wonder if Nate Silver has some probability data on this.

  8. end game says:

    But Barry, how do you think the economy would have fared without Geithner’s bank stress test in March of 2009? I think this economy would be dust. Confidence was absolutely cratering, and the stress test turned it around. The economic team was pretty good, including Rattner’s auto bailout leadership. One of the few major weaknesses was Summer’s advice to split the stimulus in half, passing the second half later. If the stimulus was twice as big and better composed, it would have created 5 million jobs instead of the 2.5 million the smaller one did.