Great table from Morgan Housel of The Motley Fool:

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Source: The Motley Fool


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5 Responses to “What Stocks Do After Elections”

  1. wally says:

    Hmmm… looks like they generally go up or down or stay the same.

  2. JimRino says:

    Wall Street Clearly knows Democrats Create Jobs, Republicans Jobs in China.

  3. AHodge says:

    can we get larry kudlow to explain why the market is up today?
    and probably tomorrow?

  4. NoKidding says:

    From 1950 to 1996 there was a trend.
    Something happened in the 1990s. Hard to call anything since then a trend.

    Above observation over rides whatever “who’s binky is in the whitehouse” shtick.

  5. VennData says:

    Written 12:55 PM CST 11/7/2012. Thanks for the stocks rednecks. Did a little re-allocation today. I’ll sell ‘em back to you in a couple years. Hope you’re working in the mean time.