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6 Responses to “Why Does U.S. Health Care Cost So Much?”

  1. preserve says:

    The same reason why public education is getting expensive.

    Patients/Students and Doctors/Teachers are required to use expensive tests and equipment. Guess what the test results will be biased towards..

  2. preserve says:

    By having an automated system diagnose a treatment, the doctor’s hand is washed clean.

    This is similar to robo-signing situation we had in the mortgage industry.

  3. boveri says:

    I cannot say I understand why a hospital would be permitted by Medicare to keep a patient without hope for 10 months in the hospital. There must be more to that story.

  4. cyaker says:

    While I can’t argue witht what he says I wonder why there is no mention of the insurance industry. Could they be the sponsors of this film? Single payor would save a bundle and get thte cost off the backs of business and would probably be the. Quickest fix available

  5. MILESCFA says:

    Lots and lots of reasons:

    1) In 1960, patients paid 48% of healthcare (“HC”) costs out of pocket. Today it’s 12% or less. With low copays, many people pay almost nothing at all. So “no personal responsibility” is a big contributor.

    BR: Most of the industrialized world has that — In Europe, Japan, Canada & Australia, health care fully covered by a single payer government system (usually a VAT tax pays for it). So this answer does not explain why health care costs 2X in the US what the rest of the world pays. Fail

    2) In 1960, the Fed Gvt controlled about 22% of HC spending (and this ignores control through regulation, another big factor), most of which appeared to be veterans HC benefits. Today it’s 50% and about to grow significantly faster. People wonder why costs have gotten out of control, don’t (only) ask the doctors and hospitals, ask the Fed Gvt!

    BR: Again, its 100% Most in most other industrialized nations. Please explain why health care costs 2X in the US what the rest of the world pays. (Fail)

    3) Demographics: We’ve been robbing (young) Peter to pay for (old) Paul. The “War of Poverty” (~1966) included expansions of Soc Sec but most importantly, it created Medicare and Medicaid (see #2 above!). In 1966, the “oldest” Baby Boomer was about 20. In other words, about to enter the workforce, and there were “lots and lots” of Boomers. It was like a pyramid :-). As this pyramid (scheme) moved into the workforce, lots and lots of people (suckers) were paying into the Medicare/caid (Ponzi) system. Demographically, we’ve run out of “suckers” because the Boomers are ready to cash out. Meanwhile, these “War on Poverty” dollars gave the HC system the resources to significantly increase longevity (10 yrs since ~1950 and 19yrs since 1900). So demographics was a “double-edged” sword: (3.1) It gave the Fed Gvt money to spend that would eventually run out; (3.2) This HC spending increased longevity, which means a WHOLE lot more (old) Peters cashing in the Medicare/caid chips.

    BR: Japan has a MUCH older society than USA — and much cheaper health care.

    Another irrelevancy — this does not remotely explain the cost — only the consumption. In most markets, increased demand leads to greater volume and lower costs.

    4) People don’t understand the dynamics of the insurance industry. They complain the industry “wastes” money on administrative costs. They believe the gvt is “more efficient” (ha!ha!) because it spends less administratively. Why is this wrong? Because a significant amount of the admin costs by insurance is spent controlling waste and abuse (aka fraud), whereas the gvt spends less here; hence the significant waste and abuse (fraud) in the gvt systems. Remember, when a politician says they will create savings by reducing “waste and abuse”, ask why they have NOT been doing that already! Why have “they” been wasteful and abusive in the past!

    BR: The Veteran’s Administration significantly outperforms most private insurance. And, in Europe and elsewhere, you can still buy private insurance — but the costs are half of the USA. Why?

    5) Historically, about 40% of (Fed) Senators and about 25% of Representatives are lawyers. Can anyone say “We need tort reform!”? Apparently the answer by Congress is NO (I want “my” cake!). btw: Is “good lawyer” an oxymoron?

    BR: Tort reform has been overwhelmingly demonstrated to be an extremely small issue relative to total costs. Source (Note: Point #5 paints you as a troll). Fail

    6) The AMA is, in essence, a large union that controls the number of medical schools and thus the number of doctors. Over the last 30 yrs, the per capita number of doctors has actually declined (about 20%) while the number of med schools have been held constant over the last 50 yrs. This is simple economics, “lower supply = higher prices”. (btw: the number of law schools have increased 50% in 50 yrs).

    BR: The US has 2.3 Physicians per 1,000 people — New Zealand (2.2), the UK (2.2), Canada (2.1), and Brazil (2.0), all have fewer doctors per capita — and much lower costs. (Source) Fail.

    7) Studies have shown that hospitals and doctors have turned from a focus of “treating patients” to significantly more focused on “generating dollars”.

    BR: Without a source, I have to call this squishy unquantifiable nonsense. Fail.

    8) We have apparently become less religious and this lack of faith seems to translate into a greater fear of dying. This means more people are more fervent about post-posting death, ESPECIALLY when someone else is paying (as the man in the video proves?).

    BR: Most of the rest of the industrialized world is less religious than the USA. Australia, Japan, most of Europe — and Canada is about as religious as the US. (Source) Yet they all have lower health care costs FAIL

    I don’t have all my links handy, but I do have numerous links in the posts below:

    And now that government essentially has “complete control” of the HC system, rest assured, costs will come under control :-) :-) :-) .


    BR: Fantastic streak of easily disprovable junk science.

    Wow, this may be the single least intelligent post ever at TBP. Thanks for breaking the record!