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Excuse me while I get my Mitty Romney on, but there are two people I would like to see fired today: The first is whatever eejit wrote this headline: Retailers Keep Deals Flowing on 13% Holiday-Sales Jump – because it is quantifiably a false statement and does not meet the Bloomberg journalistic standards.

The second is whoever ruined my Bloomberg iPad. That person should be fired, than lit on fire, than urinated on to put the flames out.

If you have not yet upgraded to the latest version, I strongly suggest you DO NOT.  Its garish, busy, scrolling, flashing hideous . . .

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23 Responses to “Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me, Bloomberg iPad App?”

  1. peachin says:

    I’m glad you are doing this Barry. The explanation is probably very simple – here it goes…. companies, are so busy chasing “Change” being apart of what is happening NOW in Information Technology – hiring layers of technical people to install …etc. etc. etc… we are all getting F’up and impatient. Got to give Jeff Bezos a lot of credit – Amazon is at the top of their game – anybody else?

  2. foss says:

    Yup, I upgraded and then cried.

    Not sure about the level of vitriol in that last bit, but clearly you were not amused

  3. NoKidding says:

    “That person should be fired, than lit on fire, than urinated on to put the flames out.” Poetic, this mourning.

  4. ItalicBold says:

    Interesting, any contrasting screenshots from the previous version? I use the bb anywhere app, I dont see what looks so particularily bad about the above, apart from a few banners. It is free software after all..

  5. @ritholtz: To answer a question: this is the iPhone version, it’s sort of what old version of Bloomberg ipad app looked like

  6. DSS10 says:

    FWIW the civialian website has been incrementialy reworked to be both less useful and reduce access to data. At least it hasn’t gone the route of recomending crap, or trying to out think you which is the worse trend in interactive web design these days.

  7. Tim says:

    Agreed – it’s a mess, and peachin, you nailed it as to why. But Barry, I think the person should be fired, then lit on fire, then urinated on to put the flames out, >>then electrocuted, and then shot.

  8. Pantmaker says:

    Bloomberg has become utterly ridiculous. I like how they always have a “reason” for the current market direction…”market down on Spain talks…market up on monkey feces…market unchanged on who gives a crap!!!”

  9. Incredulous says:



    BR: I normally go postal on grammarians who feel compelled to “straighten the pictures” as anal retentive clowns, but in the case of Olde Engish, and upon further review, the ruling on the field is overturned. (Matthew 27:45-46)

    Hast it is.

  10. ItalicBold says:

    @Tim @peachin, id say its more the influence of ‘media’ people rather than technical people. The old app was typical bloomberg orange on black terminal, no mess no fuss. The terminal being a product blatantly designed by techies.

  11. VennData says:

    The Bloomberg article states

    “…Spending in stores and online rose to $59.1 billion in the four days starting Nov. 22, the National Retail Federation said in a statement yesterday. A year ago, sales advanced 16 percent over the holiday weekend…”

    While the WaPo states:

    “…Online retailers are poised for a record $43.4 billion holiday sales season as shoppers increasingly rely on social networks and mobile devices to find and buy merchandise…”

    While these guys forecast $463B in holiday Shopping Center sales

    While Bain says:

    “…With 3.5% growth, total annual GAFO sales will reach an estimated $1.206 trillion in 2012, 5% higher than the prerecession peak of $1.149 trillion in 2007…”

    Even Rupert Murdock grudgingly predicts retail mana:

    I wonder how “Don’t Blame Me, I voted for Mitt” t-shirts were selling?

  12. call me ahab says:

    Control that anger there BR- speaking of iPads-

    Yahoo Finance reports: “Another Apple bull has jumped ship- Apple Could Fall Below $500 a Share: Barry Ritholtz”


    BR: Terrible headline, not remotely what I said see video here

  13. “…Its garish, busy, scrolling, flashing hideous . . .”

    yon’ Ritholtz,

    please keep this mind when you are ‘testing’ your new(next) TBP roll-out..

    (esp. the ‘mobile version’)..

    the, (unsaid), Proviso…There are many, still, ‘dealing with’ 3G, at best..

    (above, an example of ‘word reach’..)

    or, differently, with..”…Its garish, busy, scrolling, flashing hideous . . .”

    I suspect that those ‘eejits’ are trained to Produce ‘Web-based (Graphics/ A/V) that way, explicitly, to create Demand for ‘Wireless Data Plans’..

    LSS: yet, another ‘example’ of “Less, is (truly) More.”

  14. crunched says:

    There is a pretty big debate about this new ipad app going on out on the internet and it pretty much has the two sides coming down in one of two camps. The young like it, and the old don’t. So I’d be careful how loud you are about not liking it. Personally, I’m young and I love it. I tossed the old app out long ago since it was only a mock up of the original iphone app that was one of the VERY FIRST IPHONE APPS EVER. Basic and boring. Like a distant cousin of MS-DOS. Extremely outdated.

    Suffice it to say, I love this new app and I’m actually using it again.

  15. Bob A says:

    “The second is whoever ruined my Bloomberg iPad. That person should be fired, than lit on fire, than urinated on to put the flames out.”

    that’s pretty much how I feel about the idiots responsible for the new metro start screen for windows.

    but remember. the problem is not them. it’s you… because you’re just old, unwilling to learn and just haven’t given it enough time.

  16. eliz says:

    I’ve seen these kinds of changes happen in numerous venues (e.g. recently Hulu). While there may be an element of age that factors into whether one likes the newer version or older version (as @crunched suggests), these kinds of things tend to map as overlapping bell-shaped curves. Some people prefer classic simple, high usability designs, and others prefer modern “noisy,” “catchy,” styling. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a choice??

  17. farfetched says:

    “it’s you… because you’re just old, unwilling to learn and just haven’t given it enough time.”

    No, no….it’s them. If you are making shit without considering who you serve, you deserve all the fire and urine those customers can muster. And enough with the f’ing age discrimination. Some of us aren’t young, but all that means is we outnumber the punks and we have a LOT MORE money. As everyone knows, those with the money make the rules.
    Put those who use this excuse in the ‘too young, inexperienced and broke’ category. They should suffer the same fate as who ever ruined the ipad app, but then be smeared with feces for their youthful foolishness.

    I’m pretty sure Barry has proven he is more then willing to learn, and that old age and treachery beats youth and skill. He has the pile of chips to prove it.

    BTW, I sent back the new Windows 8 computer I just bought and bought a better one with Windows 7. There was a good reason to fire the asshat in charge of Windows ATE. He forgot the H.

  18. subscriptionblocker says:

    Hmmm… I avoid ipads due to security concerns, but can sympathize with your extreme revulsion.

    Have literally dropped many sites due to their overuse of graphics and flash. And these creepy popups at some sites literally have me looking for usable text browsers…it’s just gotten out of hand.

    Websites can be so snappy with today’s broadband speeds. It’s a bafflement why so many companies insist on bullying their audience.

  19. Bob A says:

    “it’s you… because you’re just old, unwilling to learn and just haven’t given it enough time.”

    being sarcastic. of course that’s not my thinking but rather what microsofts minions are telling
    anyone who complains.

    the customer is always wrong. unless he agrees with us. ;)

  20. quiddity says:

    Despite some encouraging signs, the CBS Evening “News” lead Monday’s program with a report that said Thanksgiving weekend sales were up 14%.

    In tiny print below the graphic was this:

    SOURCE: National Retail Federation

    Kudos to CBS for doing their own reporting and not simply repeating hype from a trade association.

    Oh, wait. That’s exactly what they didn’t do.


    BR: My sentiments last night exactly:

    @CBSNEWS EMBARRASSING ERROR Scott Pelly and CBS news just shit the bed with the NFR junk data of +14% #SadlyNo $$

  21. dina says:

    it is more visual. like a heatmap. people like it. most modern software languages/tools allow display data in this format.

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