Here are some last minute reads to keep you busy while your significant other gets dressed tonite:

• Which professions have the most psychopaths? The fewest? (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)
• 2012: The Year in Graphs (Wonkblog)
• Experts back Deutsche whistleblowers FT Alphaville)
• No Matter How You Look at It, Apple’s Shares Are Cheap (Barron’s)
• In discussing compromise, remember: Republicans lost the election (The Plum Line) see also This Political Polarization Is Really Bad for America (Huffington Post)
• The Fiscal Cliff Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble (Paul Craig Roberts)
• Settlement Expected on Past Abuses in Home Loans (NYT) but see BofA Settlement Hits Snags (WSJ)
• The 15 Best Gadgets of 2012 (Paste)
• The Unhappy Marriage of Capitalism and Conservatism (Economix) see also Democrats and Republicans belong to different groups (Mischiefs of Action)
• A Congregation of Motherfuckers in the Senate (The Rude Pundit)

What are you doing tonight?


Jobless Claims Make a Post Recession Low

Source: Bespokeource: WSJ

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14 Responses to “10 New Year’s Eve Reads”

  1. webmartians says:

    Another read:

    The text uses a lot of inflammatory terms, but some of the claims are starting to appear valid.

    - Were any similar actions performed against the Tea Party?

    - Will any of this appear in US media?

    - Will there be any repercussions?

  2. Iamthe50percent says:

    Ah, the Rude Pundit has such a way with words. Of course, he is right.

    What am I doing tonight? Just staying at home with my wife, having some munchies, chilling an excellent bottle of sparkling wine from St. James winery in Missouri. And hoping the Tea Party keeps blocking a Grand Bargain that cuts Social Security, which Obama seems extraordinarily eager to do, two months after saying it was “off the table”. I guess it’s on the table now and Democrats are eager to eat it.

  3. PeterR says:

    Thanks for this great collection of reads.

    Ditto to Barrons on AAPL as a possible buy here. Support at EMA(409) and 500 seems strong. If for some reason AAPL falls below this level, it will be applesauce when it reaches the next support at 400-420 IMO.

    Wow, “the rude pundit,” you GO! “A Congregation of Motherfuckers” indeed . . . . .

    Thanks again Barry for telling it like it is all year (and decades, now!).

    Peace on Earth.

  4. AnnaLee says:

    I’m making sure I am asleep by midnight EST so when I have that falling dream I can wakeup before I hit the bottom of the cliff.

    But seriously, BR, I want to thank you for another year of insight, graphics and humor and to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  5. catman says:

    The Pundit put me in mind of Petey Wheatstraw in high dudgeon – or the Fish Slapping Dance. HNY

  6. yon’ Ritholtz~

    with Peter & AnnaLee..


    you are, really, One of the Best.

    may you Keep on, Keepin’ On..and, especially, wish you, and yours, a Happy and Healthy New Year~

  7. eliz says:

    Count me IN as another soul immensely grateful for your insights and collections of articles. Thanks for helping keep me sane amidst the swirl of idiocy, hatred, lies, and greed.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Mike in Nola says:

    Happy New Year to all the above, including the original poster.

  9. Mike in Nola says:

    I do have some skepticism about the psychopath lists. Very few of the lawyers I’ve known would make the list. Most are sincerely concerned about helping their clients. To be sure, there are some crazies, but there are everywhere.

    He seems to confuse those psychopaths with those whose are trained to convince people of something, whether it’s a jury a car buyer or a parishioner.

    Surprisingly, I noticed that psychiatrists/psychologists aren’t on the list. Maybe because the list was composed by a psychologist. My impression of them is that many went into those fields so they could learn to solve their own problems which seem to be abundant.

  10. Mike in Nola says:

    Had an idea to take a look at the Wikipedia article on the poster boy of the psychopath article. Guess what? After dropping out of college and bouncing around a lot, he went back and became an honor student in – wait for it – PSYCHOLOGY.

  11. hue says:

    remember: Republicans lost the election … “If voting changes anything, they would make it illegal,” Emma Goldman.

    Nothing changes on New Year’s Day

  12. denim says:

    “• The Fiscal Cliff Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble (Paul Craig Roberts)”

    Here we go again. Comparing the dollar amount of derivative “bets” to the world’s GDP. Like why is that relevant? Some of these “bets” are risk insurance policies held by those who have an insurable interest in the underlying assets. So let the stupid insurer, the issuer of the policy-derivative go bankrupt if he over extends his risk and reserves to cover the bet. No real money is going to be set on fire and destroyed. It is just going to move to where it is truly owed.