My afternoon train reads:

• Central bankers are saving the world because politicians won’t (Reuters)
• Ed Butowsky, Dallas’ $3 Billion Money Manager (D Magazine)
• The “Infrastructure” Cliff: Why the U.S. Desperately Needs a $2.5 Trillion Upgrade (The Atlantic)
• Mozilo Unbowed Says Countrywide Was ‘World-Class Company’ (Bloomberg)
• What we talk about when we talk about a TV from Apple (Quartz)
• Google gets its mojo back (CNN Money)
• Americans Back Obama Tax-Rate Boost Tied to Entitlements (Bloomberg) see also Dems hold the middle ground. GOP is on fringe. (Washington Post)
• Greenland and Antarctica ‘have lost four trillion tonnes of ice’ in 20 years (The Guardian)
• Tips for Viewing the Geminid Meteor Shower (Universe Today) see also Weird meteor shower to peak tonight (Boing Boing)
• The 36 Most Memorable Moments at the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief (SPIN)

What are you reading?


2,000 years in a single graphic  

Source: Economist


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30 Responses to “10 Thursday PM Reads”

  1. S Brennan says:

    RE: What are you reading?

    Can Washington D.C. become more depraved?

    A total of 4,486 U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2012, we are now arming those Al Qaida fighters who killed US Soldiers in Iraq with heavy & sophisticated weapons seized from the Libyan army to take control of Syria.

    It’s the reason depressing reason our “Ambassador” was killed in Libya…apparently…some swords have two edges?

    “…[Syrian] rebels have gained ground with sophisticated operations and heavy weapons, typically spearheaded by Nusra fighters who fought U.S. forces in Iraq….U.S. officials [have] concluded that Al Qaida in Iraq had moved its operations to Syria…The United States is pursuing a strategy of arming the rebellion with arms captured from Libya…But the policy seems to be backfiring [as Al Qaida has been gaining in popularity].”

    Read more here:

  2. greggcwa says:

    The Guardian is notorious for pushing the left wing view of the religion called global warming. It certainly is NOT anything to do with science.

    Try some facts instead:

  3. MayorQuimby says:

    That Central Banker article = hilarious. All they’ve done is monetize, lie and print to the tune of Trillions of $$$ of funny money. That isn’t creative or even interesting and it is what enables the politicians to avoid doing what is necessary!

  4. JimRino says:

    CountryWide “World Class”!?!? – The Utter Insanity of the .1%, is beyond belief. You couldn’t make this stuff up, in a movie. No One Would Believe these Money Manager’s could be So STUPID.

    An algorithm DESTINED to FAIL, FAILED, does Not Equal World Class.

  5. JimRino says:

    Anyone stupid enough to read a blog called: “Hockey Schtick” has just notified the audience who’s the sucker in the room.

  6. JimRino says:

    The right has now given Al Gore FAME for putting a famous name on a graph type now more common then the Bell Curve.

    - Airline Flights over 200 years = Hickey Stick.
    - GDP
    - Coal Production
    - Gas Production
    - Atlantic Shipping
    - Food production
    - Global Fish Catch
    - Books published
    - Human Population Growth

    All Look JUST LIKE Al Gore Hockey Sticks.

    But, the Al Gore Hockey Stick graph also resembles Population Growth and Crash charts, what we’re not seeing yet, is the equally rapid crash in population, through global warming drought, and crop failure or through a global pandemic, which will also bring down carbon output.

    One way or the other.
    Through a Carbon Tax or through a Population crash, take your pick.

  7. JimRino says:

    Let me add, we’re still waiting for the Right Wing “Global Cooling” that was supposed to start 3 years ago.
    Let’s check things out: Al Gore Predictions: 100% accurate.
    Right Wing Predictions: 100% wrong.

  8. Invictus says:

    A four year old article on Ed Butowsky. Were there no Don Luskin pieces around to share?

  9. call me ahab says:

    pretty interesting-

    110 Predictions For The Next 110 years

    hat tip – Marginal Revolution

  10. RW says:

    Climate change deniers prefer quack and crank sites like Newsmax, Real Science and Hockey Schtick to any place where science is actually conducted but that just means there will be a good supply of suckers who think investment in middle western farmland, Guyana timberland or Spanish vineyards is solid strategy for the long-term.

    Good thing for the sellers the chumps won’t believe this kind of drivel: Climate change: Drought may threaten much of globe within decades /snark

    NB: Not that I would rely on The Guardian or any other corporate media source as a science reference either; the fact that any of them would probably be superior to NewsMax is hardly a recommendation because that bar is as about as low as it gets. Anyone who wants the real quill on atmospheric research can naturally persue the logical and rational course of relying on sources such as UCAR/NCAR’s AtomosNews.

  11. Bob A says:

    WASHINGTON — A Congressional Research Service report that was reissued Thursday after Republicans complained about it before the elections still finds little evidence that the Bush-era tax cuts spurred growth or that hiking the top rates would have more than a “negligible” impact on the economy.

    The CRS study did find, however, that the lower tax rates in place since 2001 have had a strong impact on increasing income inequality in America.

  12. willid3 says:

    remember that compounding pharmacy? NECC? seems they dont have enough insurance to even cover the damage the caused. now i suppose some would say that the patients should have known better right? after all, in a free market its on the patients to figure out if the drugs they are being given are tainted.

  13. b_thunder says:

    I’m reading “Home Seizures Rise as Banks Adjust to Foreclosure Flow”

    I wonder if a small increase (“Banks repossessed 59,134 homes, up from 56,124 from November 2011″) will grow enough to reverse the rising RE prices? In other words, will the homebuilders be a “short” come spring time?

  14. Frwip says:

    Borken linky for the Mozilo story

    The article is a hoot, btw.

    I love this one snippet.

    “All our loans had that one standard from 1968 to the end of my reign at Countrywide.”

    The choice of words (Mozilo’s) is … delicious.

  15. Frwip says:

    And borken formatting for me… Forgot that slash on the blockquote. Sorry.

  16. ilsm says:


    Lockheed needs $1,500B (a trillion and half) for the F-35, USA don’t need no infrastructrure.

    The empire will pillage the US to the tune of $66T over the next 75 years to eat infrastructure and kill the New Deal!! Lockheed is more important than the US’ 99%!!

    Can’t come up with $2.5T!!

  17. sowilo says:

    Would like to see these diagrams done for various US financial types:

    Networks and the risk of relying on who you know (Financial Times)

    “The assumption that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has informed business and politics for decades, even centuries. But the benefits of strong networks – and networking – are shadowed by threats. When is a network too cosy, and, if you’re outside the network, how would you know?…”

  18. Stuart says:

    Chart’s not correct. China’s GDP for 2008 was $4.5T, no the over $15T shown on that chart.

  19. Mike in Nola says:

    Another lobbyist cashes in at the revolving door.

    Any wonder that the OCA was a sellout to insurers.

  20. Mike in Nola says:

    Very interesting conversation on the state of the PC, tablet and phone markets. It’s labeled “Worst of 2012″ but is much deeper than that:

  21. S Brennan says:

    Mike in Nola,

    Good call out!

  22. Northeaster says:

    BR, I watched you on “Bloomberg” with Tom Keene and I heard you say there’s no inflation. Is this investor speak? While fuel has come down slightly, food continues to climb and not so quietly, the containers of that food have gotten smaller (i.e. 64oz. OJ now 59 oz.). That matters to a middle-class family like mine.

    Also, FRED data continues to climb with dollar destruction:

    Oversimplified? I don’t know.

  23. VennData says:

    Obama, Boehner hold “frank” meeting amid “fiscal cliff” frustration

    “…At times raising his voice, Boehner criticized Obama earlier in the day for putting jobs and the economic recovery at risk by insisting on raising tax rates for the wealthiest 2 percent…”

    Now I suppose one could look at it that Boehner is the one putting jobs and the economy at risk for the taxes on the top 2%.

  24. thomas hudson says:

    jimrino and gregg, my guess is that neither of you actually looked at the sites you are disputing. the guardian article clearly had a link included that was a peer reviewed science paper with all of their supporting data. at least two of the links that gregg offered as counter evidence had links to peer reviewed findings that counter the ice loss claims, and one link to an NOAA press release from a couple of months ago showing record high sea ice extent in the Antarctica.