My morning reads:

• “Peak farmland” is here, food crop area to fall (Reuters)
• Time to Learn From AIG’s Bailout (WSJ)
WTF? Banks Seek a Shield in Mortgage Rules (DealBook) see also US banks increase retention of mortgages (FT Alphaville)
• Josh Barro: Inside the Brain of the Hard-Money Advocate (The Ticker)
• Time for Nominal Growth Targets (Project Syndicate) see also Fed drops the pretense, buys bonds (Bill Fleckenstein)
• Understanding trust: The role of false consensus (VOX)
• Twitter Rolls Out Option To Download Your Twitter Archive: Request Every Tweet You’ve Ever Made In One File  (Tech Crunch)
Bruce Bartlett: Revenge of the Reality-Based Community (The American Conservative)
• Apple Looks Back At The Best Of iTunes, 2012 (Fast Company)
• Disappearing ice (Prospero) see also  Rising Temperatures Threaten Fundamental Change for Ski Slopes (NYT)

What are you reading?


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