My afternoon train reads:

• Stock Outlook 2013 (Barron’s)
• Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke (Taibblog)
• Three Big Lies About the Volcker Rule (The Nation)
• The Devolution of Social Mood (Minyanville)
• Apple’s Valuation Metrics Are Much Lower Than Other $500 Billion Market Cap Companies (Forbes) see also Apple Analysts Grow More Bearish on Rising Samsung Threat (Bloomberg)
• Finance Mythology (Interloper)
• Fifth Giant Planet May Have Dwelled in Our Solar System (Scientific American)
• Master computer controls universe? (The Times of India)
• Why Americans Think Bush Is To Blame For The Economy (Investopedia) see chart below
• Firearms Research: Homicide (Harvard School of Public Health)

What are you reading?


How Big Deficits Became the Norm

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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14 Responses to “10 Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Boehner Invokes ‘Plan B,’

    Did Obama not where a rub last night when he did him? This should get some respect for women’s health from the GOP leadership.

  2. ConscienceofaConservative says:

    Essays in Fragility: Our One-Off Economy–Charles Hugh Smith
    ( Interesting points on money velocity)

  3. Jack Damn says:


    - Instagram’s response to the backlash: “Thank you, and we’re listening”

    Advertising on Instagram

    From the start, Instagram was created to become a business. Advertising is one of many ways that Instagram can become a self-sustaining business, but not the only one. Our intention in updating the terms was to communicate that we’d like to experiment with innovative advertising that feels appropriate on Instagram.

    Instead it was interpreted by many that we were going to sell your photos to others without any compensation. This is not true and it is our mistake that this language is confusing. To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos. We are working on updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear.

    Ownership Rights

    Instagram users own their content and Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos.

    Privacy Settings

    Nothing has changed about the control you have over who can see your photos. If you set your photos to private, Instagram only shares your photos with the people you’ve approved to follow you.

  4. Jack Damn says:

    More on the Instagram brew-hah-ha:

    - Instagram Back Peddling on New Privacy Rules to Quiet Angry Mob</b.

    But what about the photos appearing in advertisements? Nope, nothing like that either: “We do not have plans for anything like this and because of that we’re going to remove the language that raised the question.”

  5. CharlesII says:

    Of the articles on the list above most likely to appear in a Steven Colbert parody: Why Americans Think Bush Is To Blame For The Economy

    Good grief. Is anyone seriously arguing that Obama made the recession worse?

    Oh, that’s right. Mitt Romney is. Though one may wonder whether “seriously arguing” can apply to a sociopathic liar.

  6. illoguy says:

    I deal with usage for images all the time. Instagram knew exactly what they were doing and threw a trial balloon up that went over like a turd and took it back down. I was a latecomer to Instagram and used it for filters and ease of sharing images on various sites. Flickr though dumb luck released a great redesigned app that does the same thing just before this controversy. I’ll just stick with Flickr even though Instagram backed off. Wondering how many other design, photography and illustrating professionals will do something similar.

    For what it’s worth, my stream on FB is mainly art directors, illustration and design professionals. There were zero shares from Instagram today.

  7. James Cameron says:

    Well, apparently even $400K won’t cut it.

    Boehner Invokes ‘Plan B,’ Dismissing Obama’s Offer

    And this despite an administration that was supposed to have all the bargaining cards and a solemn promise not to budge on $250K:

    Obama Vows Veto for Full Extension of Bush Tax Cuts – July 9

    “In an interview tonight with New Orleans CBS affiliate WWLTV, President Obama vowed to veto any bill that extends the Bush-era tax cuts “across the board,” including for individuals earning more than $200,000 and families above $250,000.”

  8. willid3 says:

    honey we nationalized the mortgage market?

    not sure why we think that the private sector really wants to be in mortgages after their debacle in it the last time. and doing away with F&F would end the 30 year mortgage and lead us back to that 10 year one, that might or might not be renewed. if not renewed you paid it off or lost the house

  9. Jojo says:

    NY Times
    December 18, 2012
    After Recession, More Young People Living on Street

    SEATTLE — Duane Taylor was studying the humanities in community college and living in his own place when he lost his job in a round of layoffs. Then he found, and lost, a second job. And a third.

    Now, with what he calls “lowered standards” and a tenuous new position at a Jack in the Box restaurant, Mr. Taylor, 24, does not make enough to rent an apartment or share one. He sleeps on a mat in a homeless shelter, except when his sister lets him crash on her couch.

  10. Jojo says:

    Many including Obama are jawboning how some kind of “change” is needed to deal with gun violence. Here’s on area to focus on. Anyone care to bet that nothing changes with the ATF? That the NRA is too powerful? That we all forget about this massacre in two weeks, the same as we have with each prior event?
    Washington Post
    ATF, charged with regulating guns, lacks resources and leadership
    By Sari Horwitz, Published: December 17

    Amid an intense debate over gun control in the wake of the mass shooting in Connecticut, the federal agency at the heart of firearms regulation in America is so beleaguered and under-resourced that it has not had a confirmed director in six years.

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a division of the Justice Department, is supposed to regulate the nation’s gun industry. But many within ATF say it is the industry that dominates the agency.

    The gun lobby, concerned about government regulation of firearms ownership, has taken steps to limit the resources available to ATF and to prevent the agency from having a strong leader, according to former and current ATF officials.

    For decades, the National Rifle Association has lobbied successfully to block all attempts to computerize records of gun sales, arguing against any kind of national registry of firearms ownership. And despite the growth of the gun industry and the nation’s population, ATF has fewer agents today than it did nearly four decades ago: fewer than 2,500.

  11. VennData says:

    More ‘conservatives’ get government benefits than ‘moderates’ or ‘liberals’, survey shows


  12. Mike in Nola says:

    Re: Indian Master Computer Research

    I thought they already knew it was turtles all the way down.

  13. Mike in Nola says:

    Looks like Joe Lieberman has figured out why a nut with a bunch of guns and lots of bullets is dangerous. His retirement can’t come soon enough.:

  14. Lugnut says:

    I liked Taibbi’s article. Isn’t it nice that the DoJ feels comfortable to share with the general public that it is coddling banks and ignoring massive fraud and laundering of drug money in the name of fiscal expediency and protection of their interests. Makes me want to chuck a brick through the window of the local branch, though I doubt if I will be extended the same courtesy of a small fine by the local police.

    One wonders if the next dealer that gets busted and has the DEA seize all of their assets will be able to cite this as case law.