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The electric guitar and its accessories have transformed an astounding amount since their initial invention and have been played by some extreme innovative and prodigious players. From Jimi Hendrix to modern effects laden guitar tracks, some may wonder where and how there is room to explore and develop original sound. Join Adrian Belew as he discusses techniques of new innovation as well his longstanding process of discovering the undiscovered. Adrian’s professional career as a musician starts in the 70s and includes collaboration with the Talking Heads, King Crimson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa and Nine Inch Nails among a plethora of solo work. Here Adrian reviews and demonstrates features that make modern guitars and auxiliary equipment optimal for exploring sound.

Discussion topics include midi guitars, layering and combining effects such as echo lengths with pitch shifts, exploration of compound rhythm structures and time signatures, the cutting edge of guitar design, benefits of acoustic and electric experimentation, not to mention some fun Zappa stories.

Adrian Belew: History & Future of Guitar Noise- Pt 1/3

Adrian Belew: History & Future of Guitar Noise- Pt 2/3

Adrian Belew: History & Future of Guitar Noise- Pt 3/3

Uploaded on Dec 23, 2011

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3 Responses to “Adrian Belew: History & Future of Guitar Noise”

  1. clay says:

    Thanks for posting this. FZ knew how how to pick ‘em. Check out how SHE (!) plays what I think is the same guitar Belew is using (the action starts at 0:34):

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  3. kurtwestphal says:

    thanks for posting this.. .Belew is a genius, met him in Saratoga, CA with his power trio, a master craftsman, and elegant tonal alchemist… so competent, so fun, and very enjoyable interview.. loved Crimson work, Bowie, zappa, talking heads..