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The chart above shows a composite of market returns by month since 1981.

This is merely a rough overview, and does not have much in the way of predictive value. What we can say is that on average, December has been a pretty good month for equities the past few decades.

Some folks disagree that this December is going to continue that tendency. Se e.g., MarketBeat: December Rally No Sure Thing.


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6 Responses to “December is Usually Good for Stocks”

  1. idaman says:

    This december is unique.

    On the downside:

    -capital gains and dividend tax rates go up
    -possible no fiscal cliff deal

    On the upside:

    - fiscal cliff deal may be inked

  2. warren.buffett says:

    all predictions work till it doesn’t

  3. VennData says:


    Not in science. Science works, by definition. And judging by the election, a slim majority of Americans believe in science. The rest believe in spite of two failures that tax cuts pay for themselves.

    They support a party that withholds CBO studies show tax cuts for the rich don’t do a damn thing. Counter examples are powerful.things, They believe otherwise.

    They believe what their daddie told.them.

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