A Huge Pay Cut For Doctors Is Hiding In The Fiscal Cliff
Chana Joffe-Walt
NPR, November 29, 2012

Category: Taxes and Policy, Video

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3 Responses to “Fiscal Cliff Contains Huge Pay Cut For Doctors”

  1. wcvarones says:

    Gee, who would have thought nationalizing the health care sector would have consequences like this?


    BR: Nationalized health care? What nation are you in?

  2. boveri says:

    It is conceivable we are headed for a five tier system for reimbursement of physician services:

    1) Obamacare
    2) Existing MD/VIP (AKA concierge service) costs ~$1,600 yearly. Physician limited to 600 patients
    3) Physician limited to 60 patients – $16,000 yearly
    4) Physician limited to 6 patients – $160,000 yearly
    5) Physician limits himself to one patient (ala Ray Kurzweil) – $1,600,000 yearly

    Sounds not only conceivable to me but reasonable for individualized DNA analysis and treatment.

  3. constantnormal says:

    @bovieri … You are apparently unacquainted with existing private health care insurance, which $16K per year is quite common for self-employed or early retirees to pay, with doctors who serve them having a hell of a lot more patients than “60″ … But of course it is not the docs who are getting most of this (at least I hope it is not), it is the insurance companies … What the split is between the insurers a d the health care providers, I haven’t a clue …