Keen 2012 Fiscal Cliff Lessons From 1930 s

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4 Responses to “Fiscal Cliff Lessons From The 1930s”

  1. ComradeAnon says:

    Oh sure. Now you want us to believe that the Earth rotates around the Sun.

  2. Frilton Miedman says:

    I adamantly agree with his focus on prioritizing private debt over public debt, but I think it falls short by not comparing wages & net worth to debt, as well as disparity.

    If private debt is growing, but wages are also growing, it doesn’t necessarily mean debt will restrict consumption.

    If that wage growth only occurs in the top 5% of incomes which brings up the average of he whole while the rest stagnate, then it’s a concern. (Even CNBC stopped using the term “wealth creation” in reference to policies of the last decade once it became known it only applied to a minority)

    The above report goes full circle to the observations of Marriner Eccles memoirs in “Beckoning Frontiers, 1951, minus observations of wages vs debt.

  3. mpappa says:

    It’s the government trying to pick winners and losers slowing the economy. Cut debt give money to the private sector and back off on anti business and rich bashing and the economy will move. Obama is nothing short of a socialist who wants to spend beyo nd our capacity to pay off the promises of governmen? t. Who will bail the US government outthis is the most political elite house I’ve ever seen and the most arrogant and stubborn. Was America founded known put the needs of goent first and the people last? ? Mars?

  4. Frilton Miedman says:

    Interesting, “the most political elite house I’ve ever seen and the most arrogant and stubborn.”, and – “Obama is nothing short of a socialist, …”.

    I see, do tell…