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Cliff? What Cliff? Investors snap up stocks even as DC inches closer to sequestration

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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10 Responses to “10 Monday AM Reads”

  1. AHodge says:

    on bloomberg nassim talib w assist from McKee
    ripped the usually slick roger altman a new one
    no finance isnt fixed, its about as “fragile” as before
    and yes banker comp is ridiculous and worse than ever
    altman was lucky to escape quick
    if he had hung around 10 more mins they would have devastated him on an indefensible position
    Altman is real smart, and sooo smooth
    but like bill gross or others in the business
    half the time his self(ish) interest colors his analysis
    Bloomberg the tools dont have the good wall st trashing video part up,

    as for Boehner caving thats BS
    this to me is no news at all heard it from Rudy Penner a mo ago
    also heard dems dont do anything or agree on entitlements
    so now Boehner spells it out
    chain link the social security inflation adjuster
    an eminently sensible idea
    that according to rudy the new whackjob AARP leadership
    has now decided they fight tooth and nail and freeze the Dems.

  2. VennData says:

    Boehner realizes something…



    …Boehner realizes the “I did this!” guys. All those single individuals, guys on their own, with help from no one out there: ,stout, tough guy, macho men, … Like Rove, Morris, and Prebus… all LOST when they did it by themselves…


    Well you lost. The team won. They guys working together won. Funny how the GOP was wrong again, wrong about tax cuts creating more tax revenue, wrong that automatic assault guns rights are good for America etc.. etc…

  3. James Cameron says:

    > Dan Gross: GOP Leaders Finally Ready to Cave on Taxing the Rich

    “John Boehner reportedly has offered to raise income-tax rates on people who make more than $1 million a year—but if, and only if, Obama agrees to entitlement cuts.”

    Which is a far cry from the much larger pool of $250K+ incomes the administration is insisting on. So, it’s highly debatable that the GOP has caved, and certainly this position isn’t nearly enough to make a deal possible assuming the administration sticks to its position.

  4. M says:

    HSBC “Too Big to Jail” ( The Guardian )

  5. jnkowens says:

    BR, I think the answer to your WaPo questions re: zombie ideas, is partly contained in the “2008 Investment Guides Are HILARIOUS” piece. A: Because the Zombie’s never die.

    All these folks are still pumping, and clients are still paying big money for their ideas. I’ll bet Joe Granville and Bob Prechter are still out there somewhere shilling for the cause (assuming they’re still alive), and someone is paying for their opinion, LMAO.

  6. Greg0658 says:

    curious if this is financially feasable and even if needed .. can Apple products be bought in China in their currency and shipped here in blackmarket fashion to achieve better markups .. do the Chinese buy equal to us here & elsewhere for their iProducts? some interesting talks going on at the full thread too

  7. VennData says:

    So, is it a good idea to negotiate the “Fiscal Cliff” solution and keep the debt limit rule in place?

    Look at it this way rich folk, with the way the GOP is heading, they may raise your taxes EVEN more.

    End the Debt Ceiling silliness.

  8. AHodge says:

    re top rates goin back up
    reverting on a million plus was exactly what rudy said was on table and informally offered month ago
    he says there is leeway to negotiate the cutoff downward
    but not all the way to $250K
    agree w james above –for me remains exactly as described a mo ago
    the Rs are not going to do a top rate reversion fer nuthin
    they want spending entitlement and Big O has done squat to lead
    on that side of offer?

    lot of dems say we won
    to hell w Rs give m nuthin, we “won” or we can outwait them
    one theory bein because Rs hold most of the stock market
    which may puke–they will blink first
    but you didnt win the House where all revenue and most spending bill originate
    so its basically a bilateral game of chicken-
    -which most of my D friends think they can bluff their way to victory and blink last
    Ho ho ho over the cliff we go…

  9. AHodge says:

    as for debt ceiling
    Boehner might as well offer it
    its republican leverage but a must do eventually–effects by march FAR worse for jobs than the cliff
    there is a theory that we go all the way to march
    till it is finally seenby Ds
    including debt ceiling
    how much leverage the Rs still have–as many many Ds do not believe it now

  10. Francois says:

    “Insurance Industry Paying Increasing Attention to Climate Change”

    No kidding! Giant re-insurer Munich Re has the biggest private database of worldwide catastrophes in the world. They have a whole department of climate scientists, engineers, game theorists, ex-security agency honchos, economists etc. etc.

    They’re pretty clear about climate change: If nothing is done to mitigate it fast, insuring anything is going to be painful.

    Oh! And their experts have NO doubt about what is driving climate change: It is us and our addiction to fossil fuels.

    Remember: This is a huge private corporation that has billions in play on the table. They’re not joking around and have no time for mind games and feel good BS.