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Source: Credit Suisse’s latest Global Wealth Report, the Financialist


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3 Responses to “Developing Worlds New Millionaires”

  1. crutcher says:

    Note that the bottom-most piece of the pyramid is absent. Wealth managers may not give a ff about the bottom 2.5 billion, but they do exist. This graphic seems to write off about a third of humanity. A fair reflection of the view from wall street, I guess.

  2. mwfadil says:

    @crutcher…. note that the population is adult population, which by this graphic is approximately 4.5B, which is what the esimates are. So, in fact, even though your conclusion may be right, it’s not supported at all by your analysis. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no big fan of wall street and the majority of wealth managers, but I am a big fan of factually accurate statements.

  3. crutcher says:

    @mwfadil I didn’t consider that factor, it wasn’t mentioned in the graphic. I know several infant millionaires who are in that case also excluded. To put it another way, it would be informative to see the chart where <10000 is distinguished from <1000.