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Nonlinear Thinking: Wireless Doctors

Posted By Global Macro Monitor On December 1, 2012 @ 1:30 am In Think Tank | Comments Disabled

The wireless revolution in the delivery of health care services is coming,  folks.  We’ve been all over this story.  Click here [1], here [2], and here [3].

Scanadu [4] is a new company with a mission to give consumers affordable medical care alternatives and to take more control of their own health.  The company is about to unveil three new products:  1) the Scout is a device that you hold up to touch the electrodes to your temple to take vital signs and sends the data to a  smartphone;  2) ScanaFlo acts as a urine analysis reader;  and 3)  ScanaFlu is a low-cost disposable cartridge that can test for cold and flu symptoms though testing a person’s saliva.

Here’s Forbes [5] on Scanadu,

Using imaging and sound analysis, molecular diagnostics, data analytics and algorithms, Scanadu is aiming to gather health data in a new way. The company is competing for the Qualcomm [6] Tricorder X Prize and the Nokia [7] Sensing X Challenge. De Brouwer, who has an academic background in linguistics and data analysis, wants to use new mobile technology as well as new ways of collecting and analyzing data to give consumers more control. De Brouwer’s goal is to create a noninvasive device that is fast, cheap and easy to connect with a smart phone. He says it could be the biggest change to home healthcare since the thermometer. “It’s a superb strategy but in retrospect it’s very, very hard to do this,” he says.

The Scout, which will cost less than $150, will prevent the need for many people to have to go to the doctor’s office. People will be able to easily gather data about themselves instead of having to rely on a doctor, which should also cut costs, de Brouwer says. In addition, the app will save this data so that people can see how their health is changing or improving over time and look at the readings to determine whether something is “normal” or out of the ordinary.


(click here [9] if picture and video are not observable)

Incredible stuff.  Beam me up, Scotty [10]!

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