Oscar winning director Quentin Tarantino explains to the director roundtable guests why he wants to quit making movies.

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4 Responses to “Quentin Tarantino on Leaving the Film Business”

  1. tbcuz says:

    Thank God this most OVER-RATED psychotic violence peddler is considering to stop making his filth revenge movie garbage. His typical audience of fifteen year old boys has been inundated with “violence is the answer”…”violence is the answer”…”violence is the answer”…”violence is the answer”…pouring gasoline on the psychotic fires already burning inside the mentally ill.

    Are twenty dead schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut enough for this creep?????????

  2. TheGhostOfGriffinMill says:

    tbcuz: Over-rated? No. Violence peddler? Arguably. But what I find confusing is the implication you offer that the media landscape is a creator-only of cultural values — positive or negative — and not a reflector/amplifier. I agree that the culture is over-saturated with violence-as-solution messages. But we as citizens have not taken enough responsibility — imo — to shape the actual society it reflects away from that kind of mentality. Even our political discourse inevitably devolves into violent metaphors, dehumanizing others on the other end of the spectrum and arguing that they are worthy of destruction, not defeat. Our children learn this all-or-nothing, my-way-or-else attitude from us as much as from the entertainment-industrial complex.

    And you really — again, my opinion — weaken any discourse with statements like your last one, as if a 50 year old filmmaker was a Dr. Evil-type construct reveling in the horror of a massacre. There are people for whom fantasy can infect their reality — drawing a straight, unique line between one creative-type and a real-word tragedy like Newtown is the former, not the latter. I would guess that if Mr. Tarantino were shown that his work, and his work alone, caused anything like that, he would retire on the spot, as any of us no doubt would.

  3. DiggidyDan says:

    Thanks for the link, clicked through and watched the 1 hour full versions of interviews with directors, actors and actresses. Interesting dialogue for a lazy before Christmas Sunday. The actors were quite entertaining, would recommend watching the whole thing!

  4. Squashy says:

    No one needs movies to create or reflect society’s baser values for teens. Any violent video game can do both. I think the relevant issue is tarentino’s motivation for making movies that gross out viewers.