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Weekly Eurozone Watch, December 28, 2012

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Key Data Points
German 10-year Bund 7 bps lower;
France 8 bps wider to the Bund;
Ireland 8 bps wider;
Italy 9 bps wider;
Spain 7 bps wider;
Portugal 7 bp wider;
Greece 7 bps wider;
Large Eurozone banks weekly change,  0.22 to -3.0 percent;
Euro$ up 0.22 percent.

- Mario Monti announced he will run as a full-blown prime ministerial candidate in the Italian elections;
- German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble speaking on the Eurozone crisis, “I think the worst is behind us”;
- Spain’s house prices are expected to fall another 30 percent over the next decade;
- Ireland’s house prices rose at the fastest pace in six years;

Source:  Guardian [1] and Telegraph [2]

Dec28_Monti [3]

We are not thinking of asking the European Central Bank to intervene and buy bonds in the secondary market…But we can’t rule it out in the future.

– Mariano Rajoy,  Prime Minister of Spain

WEW_Spread_YTD [4]

WEW_Bank_Week [5]

WEW_Spread_YTD [6]

WEW_Bank_YTD [7]


WEZ_Yields [8]

WEW_EuroFX [9]

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