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6 Responses to “You Suck at Parking. Seriously.”

  1. happel says:

    If you found one of my business card, beware. I upgraded from keys to a blowtorch.

  2. ComradeAnon says:

    Not enough paper in the world to hand out as needed.

  3. bazzab says:

    Perfect illustration of our ‘new’ society:
    1) I am right. You are wrong.
    2) If I don’t like what you are doing, I will resort to quasi-violence.
    3) I don’t like you, therefore I will call you names.

  4. Jojo says:

    I see too many keyed cars around. We need self repairing paint. And break-proof glass. And unslashable tires.

    Such is the state of our world. But Dec 21 is fast approaching.

  5. peter9810 says:

    Two sides to every story.
    Ever have your driveway blocked?

  6. OscarWildeDog says:

    Yeah, I go to VistaPrint for all my cards. $10 for each set: parking, driving, changing lanes, texting while driving, and so on…seriously.