My morning reads:

• The latest foreclosure horror: the zombie title (Reuters) see also Bank Deal Ends Flawed Reviews of Foreclosures (NYT)
Harry Dent: The US Has Gone Over The ‘Demographic Cliff’ (+ Markets Crash This Summer) (Business Insider)
• Coming this weekend: New Design 2014 C7 Corvette (Bloomberg)
• Trillion dollar coin update:
…..-Meet the Genius Behind the Trillion-Dollar Coin (Wired)
…..-Coins Against Crazies (NYT)
• California to Post $851 Million Budget Surplus, Brown Says (Bloomberg)
• Geithner’s Tenure Defined by Financial Crisis, Appeasing TBTF Banks, (NYT)
• Why No Glass-Steagall II? (Project-Syndicate)
• Clouds Seen in Regulators’ Crystal Ball for Banks (NYT)
• Will we tool up our own brains? (Forum Blog)
• Safari is released to the world (Don Melton)

What up this weekend?


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16 Responses to “10 Friday AM Reads”

  1. tenaciousd says:

    The new Corvette does look promising. It was starting to look too Viper like in the C5 and C6 incarnations. The car still holds a reputation of being driven by guys in leather jackets with mustaches and mirrored sunglasses (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But, I’ve never understood why anyone would overpay for an ugly Italian car or a snooty German car over a Corvette. Take that C7 up to Pratt & Miller for a performance upgrade, and you’ll smoke some of those imports for half the price (except for the Porche at Nurbergring, but it was made for Nurbergring, not for Daytona).

  2. VennData says:

    Frustrated Wayne LaPierre Thought Murder Of 20 Children By Crazed Gunman Would Have Blown Over By Now,30813/

    Judging by the look of the guy’s that wear NRA ball caps, I’d say they are mostly all frustrated.

  3. hue says:

    the election isn’t as important as the Super Bowl, Nate Silver predicts Seahawks-Pats title game

  4. Greg0658 says:

    fyi – the TBP blog is only up to date if signed in to comment – hense free subscription
    1st and newest post is the Flu without -

    I’m aware of the Tab issue -
    but the skate thread to thread using the top -backwards | forward- trigger isn’t working either
    - thats a bit off normal

    I checked various op sys’s, service providers, and request addresses – but did not leave the county :-)

  5. willid3 says:

    on the zombie title story. do the banks end having to buy back the loans they started to foreclose on but stopped since the ‘owner’ isn’t paying if the GSE’s own it? If ‘investors’ (aka suckers) own them via a MBS, do they end up having to buy then too? or are they subject to being sued by them because they didnt protect the asset? seems like having the ‘owner’ live there (by telling them that the foreclosure has been stopped) is a lot cheaper (since they will likely keep it up more on their dime) than letting no one live there and being subject to being torn down because it crumbled for lack of up keep.

  6. bonzo says:


    Of course, for every buyer there has to be a seller, so money is also pouring out of stocks. But anyway, it certainly does seem the time to buy, right? You don’t want to buy when prices are low and everyone is gloomy and hating on stocks. Instead, wait until after the prices are high and everyone is optimistic about further price increases.

    One by one, the sentiment indicators are switching from yellow to red.

  7. willid3 says:

    US spending isn’t as high as some think it is compared to other advanced economies. and germany spends a lot more than we do, and Japan actually spends less.

    us a high tax country?


    seems the IT arms race in stock exchanges is causing more errors and costing investor real money. being in It i tend to think these errors are more likely a fault of having bad specifications or changing them constantly. usually right before installation. also likely is the rush to install this now, and less testing, or not doing realistic world testing or all 3.

  8. mappo says:

    tenaciousd: Have you seen the leaked images? The back end is grafted right off of the Camaro. It’s just awful. I’m sure performance will be spectacular, and I’m sure they finally did something about the embarrassing interior quality, but the exterior design is truly unfortunate.

  9. Lukey says:

    I thought the goal was to BEAT the other advanced countries, not to JOIN them!

    As for the California budget “surplus” – I smell bulls**t. It definitely increases spending $5 billion and “projects” $6 billion more in tax revenue. What could possibly go wrong???

  10. rd says:

    A Somali pirate is retiring:

    Initially I heard that he was in discussions with Goldman Sachs and SAC for a future career on Wall Street. However, he is renouncing piracy and asking his fellow pirates to renounce it as well. Apparently, that did not go over well in his interviews and so his Wall Street career is over before it began.

    On a serious note though, I believe that Tim Geithner will be able to fill the gap that Wall Street was looking at the pirate for.

  11. rd says:


    More and more companies are switching to once per year 401k matches instead of each paycheck. Many of those will occur in the first week or two of January. Typically matches are about 2%-3% of pay but can be higher – that is a significant percentage of the savings that goes on in the economy. These matches would go into either the default 401k option or the investment designated by the employee. Many of these are target date mutual funds now that companies can automatically enroll employees in them.

    It would be interesting to see how much of the inflow is that one-time shot.

  12. Greg0658 says:

    1st bonzo thanks for the MV=PT lesson a thread or 2 back – copy’d to study abit more .. but the expansion post :-\ Fracking to counter peak oil :-(

    thats why I favor electricity R&D thru wind solar hydro – localized location location location mini farms and legalized chicken goat ranchin

  13. VennData says:

    Democrats Urge Obama to Take ‘Any Lawful Steps’ to Avoid Default

    Here comes the coin! Or the threat of it anywhere, which is as good as the coin itself.

    OK GOP, nothing you can do about it, so give up and start recommending the cuts you want.

  14. VennData says:

    Obama Demands All Bullets be Made from Platinum Too. new-platinum-bullet-law/index.html

  15. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    Carl Swenlin – Decision Point:

    “Rydex Ratio Implies Price Top is Near”

    He believes a significant top will arrive in 2-weeks.

    Top DeMark is also on record as saying Demark sells are in place on most global equity markets, with US nearing a sell as well. He’s only looking for about a 5% pullback in the US markets off a high, if memory serves.

    Seasonality for February is typically quite weak.