My afternoon train reads:

• Gold, gold, GOLD!!! (Noahpinion)
• Founding Father of the Quants Was Revolutionary Marxist (Echoes)
• Toll Brothers Goes Condo (WSJ) see also  Lennar to Sell and Rent (WSJ)
• Four leading indicators of a market top (MarketWatch)
• NY appeals court: Bond insurers have right to jury in MBS cases (Thomson Reuters) see also A.I.G. Seeks Approval to File More Bank Suits (NYT)
• Bernanke: Get rid of the debt ceiling (Washington Examiner)
• How to channel your inner Warren Buffett (MarketWatch) see also Why you can’t avoid dumb 401(k) mistakes (MarketWatch)
• Could Science Cure the Economy? (Echoes)
• Facebook’s Bold, Compelling and Scary Engine of Discovery: The Inside Story of Graph Search (Wired)
• Planet Earth Abandons Death Star Project In Face Of Superior Galactic Imperial Power (Star Wars) in response to This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For (White House)

What are you reading?


Internationals vs Domestics

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14 Responses to “10 Mid Week PM Reads”

  1. Al_Czervik says:

    Re: Gold

    30 to 50 years is a long time to wait for an investment thesis to play out. Is there anything invalid about horizons of 10 to 20 years? The GLD I bought in 2004-2006 can now be exchanged for a lot more shares of productive assets. Even accounting for reinvested dividends, an investor in gold would be well ahead (with less volatility along the way). Not bragging, just pointing out.

    Haters gonna hate…

  2. Al_Czervik says:

    I take the utmost exception to the popular notion among behavioral economists that defined-contribution plan participants are better served with fewer options.

    Over the years, a significant of my assets have been accumulated within the walled garden known as my 401-K account. It galls me not to have the flexibility to manage that money as I do my IRA. I have even considered switching employers just for the one-time opportunity to gain full control of *my* money.

    If a limited cafeteria is considered best for most participants, fine. But also provide an opt-in plan with access to a wide variety of ETFs for investors who prefer a more hands-on approach.

  3. 873450 says:

    Germany to repatriate (via FedEx) 300 tons of gold stored in vaults 80 feet below street level at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    Is it because GOP believes unnecessarily defaulting our national debt is prudent, common sense strategy that is certain to to instill our nation’s foreign creditors with confidence to lend us more?

    Is it because GOP believes global warming is a hoax, but even if it’s not and science is real, gold stored 80 feet below street level in NYC will be twice as safe when it’s also underwater?

  4. JimRino says:

    When are the Toll Bros going to start building a home worth buying?

  5. JimRino says:

    The Republican Party is the TROLL Party.
    - Global Warming, not only are we going to Ignore it, we’re going to Deny It.
    - Women’s Rights? Rape is Gods Will.
    - Gays: Hate’m.
    - Energy? Nothing clean? Find the worst possible energy source? Found: Tar Sands, Import from Canada, Export to South America!
    - Second worst energy source? Frack America: Rich Republicans Kill off Rural Republicans and buy Cancer Stock, to make Double the Profit.
    - Gas Tax? Drop it, charge with a GPS to track and tax all Americans.
    - America in Recession with high unemployment? No Infrastructure build, no jobs program, Cut Spending More! Create a new Bigger Recession!

    Isn’t it time we KILLED OFF the Republican Party yet?

  6. Joe Friday says:

    (Lookout Barry !)


    The Observer

  7. PeterR says:

    With Fa(r)ceBook’s new search function enabling in-house dating etc., how many more stories will come out about illusory girlfriends and boyfriends?

    A sad but apparently true farce.

    May the Farce Be With You . . .


  8. Moss says:

    Regarding those captive 401k investment choices.

    I received a letter from my wife’s Administrator, Fidelity, stating that any balances in their Stable Fund would be automatically transferred to a Life Series fund on Jan 2, 2013. They basically forced anyone in this cash like fund into anything else. So guess where all that equity inflow reported for Jan. came from.

    One would have to use the shortest duration Life Series fund to have some $$ allocated to short term cash like holding. Of course the fees for any Life Series fund are 3 to 4 times higher than the Stable fund they closed.

  9. VennData says:

    Housing, labor data provide upbeat signs on economy

    I am telling you they’re making it up! They’re making it all up!!!

    – Jack Welch.

  10. Bridget says:

    Statements like “Relying on rules, rather than market forces, to allocate credit will turn out to be a mistake” are the height of silliness.

    However, if she is correct in her analysis that the new rules are inadequate in that they do not specify rigorous standards for all three of the Cs (credit score and history, capacity, and collateral), then she is absolutely correct that the new rules will not fix the problem. Her conclusion that down payments aren’t required because Congress views it as discriminating against the poor may be wide of the mark, (Congress may view it as an impediment to the housing construction industry) but she’s shooting at the right target.

  11. Bridget says:

    Oops. Posted the above comment on the wrong thread. So sorry.

  12. Greg0658 says:

    PeterR – I believe that campaign was U2 & Bono .. don’t remember a Sammy