My afternoon train reads:

• Vanguard puts active managers in a spin ( see also The Appeal of Investments That Cost More and Return Less (Bucks)
• The Market’s Unrelenting Cheer Makes Some Nervous (Businessweek)
•  New, from Morgan Stanley: An Asset So Toxic They Called It ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ (Dealbook)
• Jamie Dimon Laments Too-Big-to-Fail? Give Me a Break (The Ticker) see also Too Big To Jail? The Top 10 Civil Cases Against the Banks (Frontline)
Dallas Fed: Small Banks Key to Financial Stability (Yahoo Finance)
• Andean glaciers melting at ‘unprecedented’ rates (The Guardian)  see also Koch-Funded Study Finds 2.5°F Warming Of Land Since 1750 Is Manmade, ‘Solar Forcing Does Not Appear To Contribute’ (ThinkProgress)
• Ray Lewis and Michael Phelps: An unusual friendship between Baltimore’s brightest stars (Washington Post)
WTF? GOP Stunt On Debt Ceiling Is Total Surrender To White House (Stan Collender’s Capital Gains and Games)
• Here’s how you’ll waste 43 days of your life (MarketWatch)
• What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space (99u)

What are you reading?


Firms Keep Stockpiles of ‘Foreign’ Cash in U.S.

Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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7 Responses to “10 Mid-Week PM Reads”

  1. swag says:

    Charles Pierce on today’s Benghazi hearings and observes,

    “…the Republican party has become something extraordinarily unserious. If its domestic policies, laid out clearly in the last election, were fairly well rejected, its notions in the area of foreign policy reside in a spot somewhere between threadbare and obsolete. They are lingering in a fairly brutal hangover between having gone all in on the Bush administrations’s grandiose schemes for imperial reconstruction and having yielded the real power in the party to people with all the gravitas of your drunk uncle who watches Fox all day and sends chain e-mails to the family. ”

  2. Joe Friday says:

    From Davos, the CEO of JP Morgan Asset Management, Mary Callahan Erdoes, who presides over investments worth more than $1.2 trillion, claims the ‘bickering in Washington is holding back the U.S. economy’:

    So how much does it hurt the economy if this is not confronted? “It hurts us tremendously,” she explained. “It hurts confidence in the U.S., it hurts confidence of CEOs to know, ‘How do I invest? What are the rules gonna be?’ We got to get back to believing that business is good — American business is good.”


    When I hear a fool like this, all I can think of is the “Peter Principal”.

  3. ilsm says:


    Who writes the Fox News?

    The GOP is run by the John Birch Society, been so since the JBS became neocons.

    Benghazi is the “right’s” new John Birch incident; this time an Amercian killed by al qaida 10 years after neocon Bush declared mission accomplished.

    Benghazi is another Bircher skirmish in their long war to kill the New Deal.

  4. farmera1 says:

    Vanguard, don’t leave home without it.

    As a long time customer (or owner in Vanguard terms) I find Vanguard one of the few mutual fund companies I that have earned my trust and business. I have recommended the company to many people over the years.

    IMHO John Bogle (as the founder of Vanguard) is a great man. Love to read his books.

    He is one of the few worth giving serious thought to what he says.

  5. jelyon says:

    I am wee tiny small investment fry, but I notched another item off my bucket list (1) by moving a 403(b) plan over to a Vanguard ETF. I too am impressed by John Bogle, ever since seeing him on Now, with Bill Moyers. (2)

    Proud to know I was part of a trend. I’ll move another chunk over to Vanguard sometime soon.

    (1) Yes. I have the lamest bucket list evar.
    (2) Prolly explains my bucket list.

  6. JoseOle says:

    Porn for Jim Chanos: GMO has a new paper on the fragility of China’s financial system: