My afternoon train reading:

• Fund manager betting on a bear market in government (
• naked capitalism: Bank of America Foreclosure Reviews: Why the Cover-Up Happened (Part IIIA) (Part IIIB)
• A Warning to Wall St. About Misleading Clients (DealBook)
• Home Prices Surge More Than 5%, the Most Since 2006 (NYT) but see When Good News for Real Estate Is Bad (WSJ)
• Libor Lies Revealed in Rigging of $300 Trillion Benchmark (BusinessWeek)
• Disney’s Bob Iger Talks Deal-Making With Steve Jobs, Importance of Risk (The Wrap) see also Disney CEO went to Steve Jobs to find out if Disney films “sucked” (arstechnica)
• Your employer may share your salary, and Equifax might sell that data (The Redtape Chronicles)
• This iWatch Concept Features Seamless Linking To iPhone, Is Perfect In Every Way (Redmond Pie) see also BlackBerry 10 Critical to Research in Motion (NYT)
• Gasparino, Wall Street Watchdog, Stogie Lover (cigar aficionado)
• Duke Ellington: Soundtrack to the Century (Dublin Review of Books)

What are you reading?


Fed’s Long-Running Show Goes On and On

Source: WSJ

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7 Responses to “10 Mid Week PM Reads”

  1. czyz99 says:

    Hope Ron Jeremy pulls through. Can we stand losing him and our retirements? America holds its collective breath.

  2. theexpertisin says:

    I knew there was something I liked about Charley Gasparino.

    Cigar consumers of the world, unite ! I’m glad to see CG smoking a decent sticks, although I prefer my Cuban Cohiba, and. when lacking, a good Partagas.

  3. catman says:

    Just happens I’m reading Jazz Masters of te 1930′s. My wife picked it up at an estate sale on Sunday. So far so good.

  4. mad97123 says:

    Fund manager betting on a bear market in government

    This bond rotation theme, betting on rising interest rates, is betting against the Fed. Good idea when it comes to bonds, bad idea when it comes to stocks?

    Rising rates will choke of any housing recovery, and make borrowing cost more for everyone. Hard to see why this is bullish for stocks.

  5. theexpertisin says:

    20th century jazz from the 20s-late 80s really is an amazing evolution. I had a great gig back in the 1971.The one-night-only band I was hired to play tenor sax/flute/clarinet with produced an amazing book of original arrangements from several of the prominent jazz bands of the 1920s-late 1930s. Ellington, Basie, Goodman (my favorite), Bix, etc. What fun! A living museum of jazz classics. And an appreciate audience to boot.

    The mention of Ellington via BR and catman brought back a wonderful memory…..

  6. VennData says:

    Teen who performed at Obama inaugural events shot dead

    The NRA’s right. If you give every entertainer a gun, this wouldn’t happen, especially the young girls. It’s just science.