Marketwatch has a list of the 10 most hated companies in America — but I get the sense its based on rather suspect bases (full list below):

10 Most Hated Companies

J.C. Penney
Dish Network
T-Mobile USA
Research In Motion
American Airlines
Sears Holding Corp.


J.C. Penney, really? Does anyone really care about them — or Sears for that matter? We don’t hate Research In Motion or Nokia, we feel sorry for them for having missed the boat. Same with Hewlett-Packard.(I guess we already forgot how much we hate AOL)

Yes, we hate the airlines, but not just American Airlines, because flying is an ordeal and they charge us for who knows what anytime we turn around. Where is dreaded Delta on the airline list? The cable companies are despised because, well, they suck — they don’t respect us or our time (12 hour windows?) and make it difficult to see the channels we already pay for conveniently on our own devices.

Sure, Facebook is the new Microsoft in terms of being a ubiquitous, evil company run by a snotty little group of shits — hey, come to think of it, where is the old Microsoft on the list?

Where are the banks? Sure, Citigroup is on the list — but where are the rest of the felons? HSBC and the Libor manipulations (Deutsche Bank and UBS and most of the majors) + JPM and their London whale. Where is Bank America and their brilliant purchases of Countrywide and Merrill Lynch? What about the Vampire Squid — why isn’t Goldman Sachs on the list, or for that matter, Bear Stearns (now part of JPM) or Lehman Brothers (now part of Barclays). Oh, and fresh off their latest acts of douchebaggery, where is AIG?


What companies do you think deserve to be on the most hated list?


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