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10 Sunday Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On January 13, 2013 @ 7:00 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

These are your reads to begin your Sunday morning.

Silliness resolved: Treasury: We won’t mint a platinum coin to sidestep the debt ceiling (WaPo [1]) see also Treasury Won’t Mint Platinum Coin to Avoid Debt Ceiling (WSJ [2])
Wall Street thanks you for your service, Tim Geithner (Guardian [3])
• The Next Oil?: Rare Earth Metals (The Diplomat [4])
• The tinkerers who made America great (Fortune [5]) see also Be Wrong as Fast as You Can (NYT [6])
Are Giant Corporate Penalties for Illegal Activities Tax Deductible? (NYT [7])
• U.S. now on pace for European levels of austerity in 2013 (Wonkblog [8])
• 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person (Cracked [9])
• Top Chicago Litigators to Retry 2,400-Year-Old Socrates Case Before 7th Circuit’s Judge Posner (ABAJournal [10]) see also Retrying Socrates, in front of Judge Posner (Marginal Revolution [11])
• The Science Behind Persuading People (WSJ [12])
The Beatles of Comedy: Monty Python’s genius was to respect nothing (The Atlantic [13])

How about some Dim Sum brunch today?


Since 2011, Three-Quarters Of Deficit Reduction Has Been Via Spending Cuts
Source: Think Progress [15]

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