Note that the first two reads will be taked about all day by everyone:

• Secret Goldman Team Sidesteps Volcker After Blankfein Vow (Bloomberg)
• Rescued by a Bailout, A.I.G. May Sue Its Savior (DealBook)
• Tax Increases and Bull Markets (Economix)
• No Fanfare for This Dismal Earnings Season (MarketBeat)
• Meaningful banking reform and why it is so unlikely (VOX) see also The great banking swindle of 2013 (MarketWatch)
• The problem with award-winning funds (MarketWatch
• U.S. Property Markets Experienced Over $60 Billion in Natural Disaster Damage in 2012 (World Property Channel)
• Why the multiplier doesn’t matter (Noahpinion)
• Shorting Ballmer Has Been a Great Trade for Bill Gates (The Reformed Broker)
• Why We’re Not At The Biggest Tech Show In The World (BuzzFeed)

What are you reading?


Stock Bulls Place Bets on Earnings Growth

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18 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. rd says:

    Three years of increasing flood losses despite a massive drought impacting about half of the country. Those broad flat areas sure do look enticing and inexpensive to build on though.

    It appears that we may be getting conflicting messages from God though:

    1. If you build on those big flat areas, he (or she) will smite them; or
    2. He (or she) believes it is an excellent opportunity to inject stimulus capital spending into the economy during a period of low economic growth.

  2. carleric says:

    Bailing out AIG in order to payoff Goldman was a theft of taxpayer monies to payoff all the GS employees now working for the Federal Governemnt….it was a mistake then and is still a mistake. It is the best evidence to date that Bernanke was and is a damned fool. Or perhaps the bribe money was just too tempting.

  3. CharlesII says:

    A picture of Maurice Greenberg should appear by the dictionary entry for “shameless.”

    It’s like suing the fireman who rescued you from an inferno because your suit got singed.

  4. willid3 says:

    hm…AIG suing the government? almost sounds like some American companies suing the US after their plants were bombed …in Germany in WW2. or after some companies actually sold oil and related energy products to Germany in WW2. or that the most common German engine in WW2, was from Mercedes, it was from Ford.

  5. Lukey says:

    The thing I don’t get about the “spend now while rates are low” argument is what in our history suggests that we won’t still be carrying the additional debt from the spending spree when rates go up? I would think in order to make the case that we should avail ourselves of the low interest rates right now and borrow a couple of trillion more to fund infrastructure improvements, one should have to show how that debt will be repaid before it has to be rolled over in the future at higher rates. I don’t see how you can make that case:

  6. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    re: Shorting Ballmer Has Been a Great Trade for Bill Gates

    Microsoft burgled, only the APPLE iPADS stolen – cops confirm

    Choosy thief leaves Redmond gear on the table

    A savvy sneak slipped into a Microsoft campus, stole five iPads and left all the Microsoft products untouched, according to cops.

    More than $3,000 in Apple kit was nicked from the research and development complex in Mountain View, California, over Christmas. There was no sign of a forced entry at Building 5 on La Avenida Street, whose staff use electronic cards to enter the offices, said Sgt Sean Thompson….

    When even thieves don’t want your wares, that’s not a good omen.

  7. • Why We’re Not At The Biggest Tech Show In The World (BuzzFeed)
    Matt Buchanan


    Thank You for finding another ’013 ‘Resolution’, for me..

    things “BuzzFeed” on ‘Ignore’.

  8. VennData says:

    The best university in Alabama beats the fourth best university in Indiana in a gridiron scrimmage.

    No shift in the Noble Laureate standings.

  9. AHodge says:

    AIG suing is amazing
    this is wherethe justice dept and the govt can educate itself on the wrongdoing in particular,
    and mount an effective defense by going on offence.
    all parts of government have remained completely clueless. incl justice, SEC, Fed, congress and their “investigations” committee what a joke
    they gave AIG top honcho Cassano a complete pass when he testified and he also suggested that the govt had caused it

    AIG and greenberg will march in and say ” look at our balance sheet reporting, blessed by the SEC
    we were fine we were just illiquid” look at the congressional testimony
    if justice doesnt get their act together and educate themselves on accounting and finance
    AIG could ding the taxpayers once again with a damages judgement.

  10. AHodge says:

    Calomiris (vox) is right on target
    , has a great reform list in the article
    and i can say from talking to him on this he knows whats wrong and how to fix

  11. RW says:

    Hogmanay bubble clouds
    Bubble cloud charts are a powerful way to represent complex data trends, from fracking shocks to infections or foreclosures …or just to make a point.

    The story on adding the “vroom” to electric cars reminded me of C. M. Kornbluth’s novella, The Marching Morons, where most of the population was too stupid to risk highway speeds faster than 20mph or so but didn’t notice their cars wouldn’t go faster than that because they designed to look fast with fans linked to the accelerator pedal blowing higher velocity air at the driver and passengers.

  12. ilsm says:

    Keynesian mulitplier has never hindered the military industry congress complex spending money to kill the US’ “fiscal house”.

    $1.5T over the next 25 years for “three in one” aircraft type, the F-35, to provide fighter cover from enemy fighters that do not exist over any skies the US need not have troops in, while there is nothing for roads, bridges, hospitals and things that matter to the 99%.

  13. James Cameron says:

    > Rescued by a Bailout, A.I.G. May Sue Its Savior (DealBook)

    It’s hard to imagine them moving forward on this, since one way or another there would be a big price to pay . . . I hope they do, just for the treat of the enormous blowback.

  14. willid3 says:

    make rechargeable batteries out of some thing besides lithium?

    and they will make batteries safer, easier to use, and maybe even lighter?

  15. farmera1 says:

    WOW, AIG suing us. After they took truck loads of money from us, now they threaten a law suit. OH THE IRONY.

    Just for the show, I’d like to see AIG sue us, as in you and me.

    Isn’t the insurance company 21st Century the old AIG? Am I wrong or didn’t they change the auto insurance to 21st Century.