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10 Tuesday PM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On January 22, 2013 @ 6:30 pm In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Hey, its -22 F below out. What else can I do but toss some afternoon reads:

• Profits at $1 Trillion Meet Valuations as S&P 500 Rallies (Bloomberg [1])
• The Greatest Investing Lesson Of The Past Five Years (Business Insider [2]) see also Money Magic: Bonds Act Like Stocks (WSJ [3])
• China Equities Turn Inside Out (WSJ [4])
• On brink of U.S. crisis, a warning brushed aside at Fed (Reuters [5]) see also Transcripts Revive a Tiff of Two Fed Presidents (NYT [6])
• Bank of Japan Relents, Raises Inflation Target (WSJ [7])
• Apple May Face First Profit Drop in Decade as IPhone Slows: Tech (Bloomberg [8]) see also Hype Builds for Smartphone, but It Isn’t an Apple Device (WSJ [9])
• A calligrapher explains his art (Salon [10])
• Speech Signals a President Set to Fight Over New To-Do List (WSJ [11])
• The conservative movement is still an elaborate moneymaking venture (Salon [12]) see also Is Contemporary Conservatism Just ‘Payola’? (Center for American Progress [13])
• Never Endure a Car Dealership Again (Wired [14])

What are you reading?


Pharmaceutical Spending Per Capita
Source: Blue Point Trading [16]

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