My afternoon train reading:

Bridgewater’s Dalio: ‘Game Changer’ as Money Shifts (Bloomberg)
• The great ETF mega-war (Fortune)
Are you a value investor? Take the Apple test (Musings on Markets)
• Immigration reform could boost U.S. economic growth (Reuters) see also Bartlett on Employment: Outsourcing, Insourcing and Automation (Economix)
• Economics and the maximization of profit (and lies). (Dan Ariely)
• How Public Power Jump-Started the New Deal (Echoes) see also One Investment That Can Reduce Our Long-Term Debt (The Fiscal Times)
Attention shoppers: Retailers can now track you across the mall (ITWorld)
• Americans Most Satisfied With Military, Least With Economy (Gallup) see also Consumer Confidence in U.S. Falls to Lowest Level Since 2011 (Bloomberg)
• Solar: It’s about to be a whole new world. (Noahpinion)
• Risks of Hurricane Sandy-like Surge Events Rising (Climate Central) see also Why Greenland’s Melting Could Be the Biggest Climate Disaster of All (Mother Jones)

What are you reading?


REBALANCE: This Year, Getting Knocked Off Balance May Be a Good Thing

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