I mentioned at the end of the Summer that I was beginning a site redesign. The refresh is nearly complete — the interior design is mostly done (see PDF below the jump). This is the part of the design that holds the written content and graphs.

It is much cleaner, easier to read and navigate. The first post will be fully expanded, but the next 9 subsequent posts will be headline and a sentence or so. This will load MUCH faster than 10 posts with all of their graphics, charts, text, etc, having to load also. Its about a 4X speed bump. All of the current functionality — email post, print, search, RSS, etc –  will also continue. (I have been getting so many RSS Scrapers I may shift back to partial RSS feed from full post to thwart the splogs).


The header and side background are still works in progress — we started with the Jim Flora art work Money Flow as the inspiration for the design (I secured the digital rights and have the original). Then we updated it into something more modern while still retaining a little retro flavor. (So far, the TBP logo is still the same).

As mentioned, we are doing away with the 4 Tab design (its old and boring). In its place, we are using Icons to replace/identify the 4 subjects previously in Tabs: Think Tank, Video, BookShelf and Weekend. Click on anyone of these and you still get the full feed of that tab subject.

Overall, the layout is much cleaner and lighter.



Site redesign inspired by Money Flow
click for larger delightful artwork; (ginormous version here)



Click to open PDF of interior:
TBP Interior Redesign (PDF)


Click to open graphic




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16 Responses to “Blog Redesign: Update”

  1. DiggidyDan says:

    Much cleaner and makes a whole lot more sense than the old tabbed layout. It makes that content more in front and relevant instead of an afterthought. What are the X’d out spaces for, Ads? Look forward to seeing the final version with headers, graphics, etc.

  2. …(So far, the TBP logo is still the same)…


    do you any ‘negative feedback’ on the Logo?

    also, remember, we’re in the ‘Longer Days’-Time(-frame)..w/that, Warmer Weather be, just, ’round the Corner..


    Don’t forget (this Year) the T-Shirts !~

  3. …do you any…

    …do you receive any…

  4. imdumb says:

    please keep the full rss feeds. please!

  5. gotta figure out a way to thwart the scrapers!

  6. Jojo says:

    Yes, go to short RSS feeds. You can’t see comments anyway from the RSS feeds and the comments are often where a lot of interesting links and discussion go on. Forcing people to go to the site might also result in more varied comment participation.

    And please ignore the whiners who will complain about having to leave their RSS readers. If you are still running on a 1200 baud modem, then too bad.

  7. wrongtrade says:

    I wonder how folks like the new mobile site. I am very grateful to Mr. Ritholz for TBP- I read it daily and find it very informative- but the mobile site drives me crazy. It seems claustrophic, busy and erratic. I cannot negotiate my way around and when I get somewhere I want to be it seems to slow down and then dumps me somewhere I wasn’t trying to go. BR has always been one for the data, so I wonder how many people who access mobile click the option in the upper left to switch to desktop. Or how many people like me just skip checking in while mobile in order to wait for our desktop.
    The only other site I visit frequently for news is Business Insider, and their mobile application site is very fast and easy for me to use. I’m probably wrong as usual, just saying.

  8. On the mobile version, you have the option of setting the default to desktop version

    Look for the thumb slide, move it, click “Desktop”

  9. duncanshume says:

    I am all for faster although as I only use my computer connected to a fast connection everything is pretty well instantaneous. As to icons instead of text I am definitely not in favour of replacing useful descriptions with dubious hieroglyphics. I know that the web designers love it and think it makes the site look ‘cool’ but the important thing to me is the content and how I get there. Icons just do not do it for me – it makes me feel that I feel that I have walked back into kindergarten and I want to get back to the library.

  10. PeterR says:

    BR, I side with wrongtrade about the mobile site. On the iPad Mini I always switch to the desktop version. Granted this screen is bigger than many smart phones etc.. From your description above (I have not looked yet), it sounds as if the desktop home page will work even better going forward on smaller devices?

    After the transition to the new setup, please make sure that when a reader bookmarks the desktop home page, subsequent visits via this bookmark (Firefox) in fact open up the desktop version. Right now, often the mobile site opens instead as the default. [I assume "you" know that I am using a mobile device?]

    Anyway, thanks as always for a great site and for telling it like it is.

  11. PeterR says:

    Correction, Bookmarks above are in Safari on the iPad Mini.

  12. scecman says:

    I just spent 10mins trying to translate the text under Barry’s picture “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet….” before I found out that it was just placeholder text. Damn you Barry!!! :)

  13. eliz says:

    Typeface on current site is considerably easier to read. Consider sticking with it.

    I also happen to find the current underlining of the post titles visually appealing. The tags on the left, in the new design, are a nice feature, but I would definitely prefer them to be horizontal – being off kilter offends my OCD tendencies.

    Beyond that – looks good. I’m not crazy about fixing things that aren’t broken, but I can see the desire to bring to the fore other facets of the site. That’s good for everyonne.

    IMHO: Best book on website usability: Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug

  14. howardoark says:

    Thanks for all the time, money and effort you put into this. I also find it very valuable.

  15. gkm says:

    Hopefully the update will fix two things:

    1) crashing safari in ios 5.x
    2) content listed in the sidebar on the main page is left off the content from the tabs at the top of the main pages ex. the recent Stiglitz post under Video

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