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5 Responses to “Conference Presentation: What is Driving Today’s Investors?”

  1. denim says:

    Don’t forget the US government’s aggressive policy to eliminate the mortgage holder’s means to repay the underlying loans. That would be NAFTA sending jobs to Mexico at wages there too low to sustain bilateral trade.

  2. gloeschi says:

    Can’t believe you often post “how to make great presentations” and then deliver a complete fail on slides 2 and 3


    BR: Slide 2 is the set up for slide 3 & 4 — which are the punchline.

    The slides are mere visuals, while I am speaking (in other words, the actual joke requires you to be in the room)

  3. basicincome says:

    So … slide 49 … _wait_ for the coming hyperinflation?

  4. FrViper says:

    Damn good and a fun read, yes I read all the words. Wonder how your audience reacted?


    BR: The feedback was very positive — I only discuss about 20 slides, and click thru the rest.

  5. denim says:

    A very good presentation. It will take awhile to assimilate it. But a high point for me is this:
    “We are vulnerable to anecdotes that mislead or present false conclusions unsupported by data”
    Those of us who follow your blog and those of Paul Krugman, Mark Thoma, Brad DeLong, Bill McBride, and Bruce Bartlett, appreciate the data that is embedded in the anecdotes. Anecdotes are what news is, correct? And the Bernaysians PR dudes sure know how to fabricate anecdotes to engineer our opinions.