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4 Responses to “Debugging: That’s the Rub”

  1. David Merkel says:

    That’s why most efforts at epistemology fail. They end up being self-referential, or collapse when someone questions the initial premise put forth to answer the question, “How do we know anything with certainty?”

  2. Theravadin says:

    That loop is almost painfully familiar. Yet the interesting thing is, we don’t get stuck in it in the real world. Instead we use the “good enough” exit, combined with instinct. Instinct can get us in huge trouble… but it is also the best complex system/multivariate analyser we have… because that is what it was designed for. Clever academics tend to forget that the world is the ultimate complex system, and we’ve done altogether too well in it with our “good enough” trick, and instinct. Those are core evolved traits going deep into the prehuman.

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  4. VennData says:

    Hilariously ironic when religious fundamentalist, whack claims all epistemology is self-referential.

    Oh and passive indexing guarantees that you lose too, right?

    Uhh.. no. It guarantees that you win, because it is… wait for it… relative (OUCH!) to the measured, actual average. …not the theoretical, made up, pretend, pie-in-the-sky average.

    Oh Pastor, create an average for me! Then can you cut my taxes so I will actually pay more like the Supply Siders say? ROFL!