Explosive Apple Facts: A Big Opportunity Lies Ahead

Are Apple’s Best Days Behind It?

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3 Responses to “Explosive Apple Facts: A Big Opportunity Lies Ahead”

  1. econimonium says:

    I’ve said from the beginning that there are risks to the “walled garden” approach, coupled with the upmarket approach Apple has. Lets remember, the Mac has never been more than about 5% of the PC market. The growth of Apple has always been strictly tied to the iPhone, iPod, and then iPad. But each of these devices is strictly tied back to Apple, and all have the same UI/operating paradigm. The entire line rises or falls together technologically. The wild west sort of environment of Android is the perfect foil to bring up a duel of old: Apple versus Microsoft which, as everyone remembers, it lost magnificently.

    So Apple has the iPad which, if you honestly look at it, is a device for people who don’t really need a full-bore laptop (which, frankly, is mostly everyone you know out of work). Not only does that cut Mac sales, it cuts PC sales as well. So both suffer. Couple that with the fact that Apple, for the last few years, has relied on people upgrading the second a new device came out, hasn’t really innovated anything (please save the comments about “retina” etc because, frankly the same people using iPads have no idea what you’re talking about and Siri just sucks) and is using the same tired UI and you have a decline in the making. That’s what people like me are seeing and that’s why I wouldn’t go near this stock right now to save my life. Unless Apple honestly innovates, or comes up with something else big (forget Apple TV it’s a non-starter) they’re going to see defection and the margins erode to cheaper devices. And let’s mention Samsung. If you’ve used a new GalaxyIII, you’re holding why in the palm of your hand. The device is pure awesomeness in a way an iPhone 5 is not. So I’m very pessimistic about Apple. But, then again, I always thought Steve Jobs was a charlatan…he died as soon as he ran out of things to steal from the old Xerox research centers and finished micro-managing Apple to the point where no successor could run it.

  2. formerlawyer says:

    Highest profit margins in the industry. Check.
    $100 B in cash now $200B possible by 2014. Check.
    Undervalued on a PE comparable. Check.
    Potential 5B market (China & India). Check.
    More income from overseas markets than the US. Check.

    And they are in a declining phase?

  3. Apple gets penalized 10 percent for that performance? Sheesh. Forget about computers, just a blip. Sold most phones and iPads ever. Would have sold more if not for component shortages. Well over half of the sales in countries other than the U.S.? Margins slipping? AAPL said as much three months ago and comments were priced in. I’m not buying because I will not fight sentiment. I know Warren Buffet doesn’t do tech, but I’m interested in knowing if he would be in buzzard mode overhead right now. AAPL ain’t cooked yet. Bet you an $8 coffee and danish from SBUX on it.

    Often wrong, but never in doubt. -ralph braseth, chicago, school teacher